Apr 24, 2019

Happy Easter

We started this Easter off with lots of fun egg hunts and parties!  The annual egg hunt at our club was so fun!  We did have a minor hi-cup with the egg hunt.   Usually 6 year olds are included in the "little kid" hunt and this year they paired them with the "big kids".  Let just say about 15 6 year olds ended up with completely empty baskets and the sweet staff had to hide over 200 new eggs for them to have another hunt.  We of course insisted they didn't need to do it, but in the end it totally made their night!
 We enjoyed back to back egg hunts the weekend before in our neighborhood and with mommy's bookclub friends!
 My friend Beth and I had to get a picture of Bobo and Bo!!!
 And the night before Easter we put out carrots and our bowl full of festive eggs!
 The Easter Bunny brought the twins good stuff this year!!!  They loved their new movies, activities and lots of sweets!

 Ryan and I made a fun bunny breakfast before heading to church.

Lunch and one last egg hunt at Ryan's parents house to wrap up the holidy in the afternoon!   We spent alot of time this year trying to make them understand the real meaning of Easter.  We got resurrection eggs a few years ago and this was the first year I think they really understood the story and meaning of this special day.  I do treasure the innocence of them being little kids and I couldn't believe how into Easter and the egg hunts they were this year.  Hoping we can stretch it one more year!!! 

Quick Lake Getaway

A few days away was so good for us all!  We left from school last Thursday and met Ryan at Lake Norman for a few days.   The weather was drastically different each day, but luckily it was gorgeous Thursday!  We arrived and immediately got on the boat.  We drove around and then stopped at Hello Sailor for a bit before exploring some more and a late bedtime.

The next day it was raining off and on, but we fished in between the rain.  

The twins also ate at Waffle House for the first time!  I grew up in a Waffle House...like spent a lot of time there.  My parents actually met at WH when my mom was working as a waitress and my dad took over the location she worked at! 

We fished some more, dyed Easter eggs, played lots of games and hide and seek before getting dressed up for dinner at Kindred.  
This sweet boy still constantly falls asleep in the car.  
 Saturday was very cold and raining off and on so we again just relaxed and put together puzzles and played games.  We wanted to be home for Easter morning so we headed back to Charlotte mid day and stopped for lunch at our favorite place, The Pickled Peach!  If you are near the lake or Davidson area it is a must!!!
We fish alot, but this was a first...Bobo cast his own line and reeled in the fish by himself!  He was so proud!

Mar 26, 2019

Yeah Mon! Spring Break in Jamaica

We are currently trying to break the habit of the kids answering our questions with the famous Jamaican phrase "Yeah Mon"!  Haha just kidding it is actually pretty cute.  We are however still trying to ease back into schedules and reality after a week in Jamaica!  We went to Montego Bay and stayed at Half Moon.  Although we enjoyed the sun and sand and so much time together, I would say the service wasn't great at this resort.   Again we still had a wonderful time!

 They had a cute 18 hole small golf course on the grounds.

Swim up bar in the pool!

 These two love a vacation.  It gives them so much time together and they just get along so well.

Coconut drinks on the beach!

 We rented bikes and loved biking around the grounds.

 They had lots of water sports.  I love to kayak, but Ryan loves them all!

 Holding hands everywhere.
 Several of our friends stayed at the same resort.  The twins loved having friends to play with throughout the week.
 Bobo would play catch all day long!  He got a hydro lacrosse set for his birthday and we brought it along.

 And the uneventful, but highly entertaining goat race....???

 Another dinner with a beautiful sunset!
 S'mores by the fire at night.

 One day we rented a catamaran and went snorkeling!   I get sea sick, but am usually ok on a catamaran...until this trip.  The water was so rough since a storm was coming and I ended up getting sick.  I felt a lot better when we got out in the cool water to snorkel thankfully.

 We took a bunch of videos on the go pro and a few pics.  This may be my favorite though haha!

More friends came!  
 It drizzled the rest of the day, but these four had so much fun playing in the massage dock house and in the shallow water.

Our last dinner in Jamaica. 
On our last day we left later so we were able to soak up a half day before our flight. 

Ellie still loves horses so I walked down to visit them before we left. 
 And of course one more pina colada for us and coco banana for them!
 We were out of food when we got home so we went to the store to stock up the next morning.   Ryan found coconuts and surprised the kids with them after dinner.   Who says you can only drink out of coconuts on vacay?  We have had a lot of family talks about our love of traveling and we have a new goal of visiting 10 new countries in the next 3 years!  For now we can check off Jamaica!