Nov 6, 2017


 We unfortunately didn't make it to the pumpkin patch with our friends this year, but I did take the kids a few times.

 We had a blast playing, riding on the hay ride, sipping apple cider slushies and picking out lots of pumpkins!

 We waited until the week of Halloween to actually carve a pumpkin, but let the kids decorate one using this spider kit early.  I swear they like this more than the carving.

We carved the pumpkin on my birthday and made lots of different pumpkin seed flavors.

 Ellie is very into pictures lately (wonder where she gets that haha) and constantly takes pictures.  I love this because I am rarely in the pictures and it is fun to open up my camera and find random surprise pics!
We attended our clubs annual Halloween party.  Another party, another hay ride.
 These two love to dress up together and have been saying they wanted to be the ninja turtles since last Halloween.

 This is our 5th Halloween and our fifth year taking this same photo with the Shwedo family.  I am such a sucker for traditions!
 On Halloween night our neighborhood gets together for a party and everyone brings a dish.  I made this with the kids.  We call it the throw up guac!
We went with a family theme again this year, although Ryan and I could have stepped up the costume a bit better than just the mask.

 Hornets basketball player, Cody Zeller, moved onto our street last month and made it to the party too!  The twins were so excited he gave out full size KitKat bars.

 Before trick or treating we take a group pic of the kids and then they all go down our street together.  I just love this holiday.  Every year I feel the same way...I think my kids are going to be overwhelmed and crazy and instead it is a very fun family night.  After about 10-15 houses we slowed down behind the big group and just the four of us and we just had the best night!
 We were all sad when we had to stop and go home....
 The kids scored alot of good lets just try not to eat it all!!

Nov 3, 2017

The Windy City and Fighting Irish

I love Chicago and going to a game at Notre Dame has been on Ryan's bucket list since he saw the movie Rudy.  So a few years ago we agreed when NC State played at Notre Dame we would make the trip happen!  Luckily we were able to get some friends to join and make a weekend out of it!  The first night we went to a restaurant in Chicago called Gilt Bar that had a speakeasy downstairs.  The atmosphere and food were just what we were looking for.  They even had a gluten free chocolate chip skillet cookie!!! 
 The next morning we hit up Beatrix for brunch.  They had awesome food and lots of gluten free pastries.
 We had a snack and some more caffeine at Eataly.
 We shopped a lot and checked out some good spots around town including the Bean, Chicago River and Cindy's Rooftop bar.
 Here we are with the Stanleys, Lindsey and Blake.  They are the sweetest couple and both went to NC State with Ryan and I.
 Blake and I grew up together and have been celebrating birthdays (ours are 3 days apart) since 1995!  We went to RPM Steak for dinner and of course I embarrassed him and had this obnoxious display of cotton candy and chocolate cake covered in gold with candles!

 Saturday morning we woke up and bundled was cold! We rented a limo to take us to Sound Bend, which is about 1.5 hours away from the city.
 I am thankful so many people told us to get to the game several hours early.  Notre Dame campus is absolutely beautiful and there really is so much to see and do.  We saw bag pipes, marching bands, the chapel and touch down jesus.  We also toured the basketball arena and bought some goodies at the bookstore.

 We took lots of memorable pics including the stadium and touchdown Jesus of course!

 Once it was game time we were freezing!
The stadium is one of the nicest I have ever seen.  Also everyone there is extremely nice!!!  I loved all the little details like the food items and the NC State hot dog.

 Unfortunately our best player (who scores all our points) got hurt during the first quarter, but luckily we had good seats and great company!
Only a few more games left to go to this year, but this one will be one we never forget!

Oct 24, 2017

Mountain Weekend

Two weekends ago we decided to have a family weekend around sports and the mountains.  We started with taking the kids to a Hornets basketball game!

When we were at the concession stands we got asked to participate in the half time activity.  They picked 4 four year olds to do a shooting contest.  We went "backstage" to meet the hype team and fill out forms and then waited for the kiddos big moment.

 Then the kids came out and right as the announcer yelled "Lets give it up for Bobo" he drained a shot and the crowd cheered.  I mean what a moment! He was on cloud nine for days after this!
 Ellie was adorable as well, but didn't make her shot.
 She did get a lot of big screen time!
 Thursday Bobo came home with the class "pet" Hippie!

 We had to document and take him everywhere with us.

 He got to go to Bobo's t-ball game and Ellie babysat!

 After his game we headed to the mountains for the rest of the weekend!

 This is the twins first time at the Grove Park Inn and they of course loved it!

 We spent a lot of time by the big fires, went on a few hikes, and explored alot!

 We made a pit stop downtown to eat lunch, shop and get a drink at Wicked Weed.

 Then back to the hotel to watch the state football game and swim!

 The final day we had perfect fall weather.

 We drove about an hour outside of Asheville and stopped at several spots to admire the view.

 We ended at Mount Mitchell which is the highest point in North Carolina.

 Loved our quick little get away right before a busy couple weeks ahead!