Aug 10, 2017


Day dreaming about my happy place on this rainy day.....
 Ryan and I returned to Nantucket for our 12th anniversary this year.  I can't put my finger on it, but this is truly my all time favorite place I have ever been.  We did some of the same things we did last year and mixed in some new stuff too.  Cru was a repeat and totally worth it!  Rose and oysters for an early morning lunch.
 Juice bar ice cream was next!
We walked around for a bit and then decided to rent a jeep and cruise the island together. 

 You are allowed to drive cars on great point beach so we spent the rest of the afternoon there!

That night we showered and had pre dinner drinks at tree bar, followed by dinner at Boarding House.

 I will embarrassingly admit we ate two breakfasts and two lunches everyday....the breakfast at 76 Main was so healthy and delicious so we started with that, but we always got a second cup of coffee and another small something to eat around 9!

We loved shopping at Townpool last year and this year they opened a new location and added some entertainment.  They have a fake zero gravity room where they allow you to do photo ops along with a candy store and indoor putt putt.
 Ryan ended up scoring the all time lowest score!!
 We found a new coffee spot called Lemon press one day and can't wait to take kids here next year.  Both my kids love smoothie bowls and theirs looked delicious!
Provisions sandwiches are always a good idea!  For all you Gluten Free peps out there Nantucket has a ton of options, including gluten free bread at Provisions.
 We stopped by the local fish store and Ryan got some chowder.
If we ever rent a house and have a kitchen I would definitely come back and buy some of this fresh local fish.
 We shopped for the kids and biked around town some more.

The Sand Bar has great oysters and frose.  We ended up sitting here for a while drinking frose and listening to a live band.

For dinner that night we went to our favorite spot, Galley Beach.  Watching the sunset before we ate and drank all night was spectacular...seriously doesn't get better than this!

 Ryan and I both just love biking around and picking out dream houses....I think this is one of my favs!
We grabbed lobster salad and chips from Something Natural and enjoyed an afternoon at Steps Beach.

 We kept joking that this particular beach by Brant Point Light house is lined with rocks...Bobo would be in heaven to collect rocks and not sea shells haha!
 The last night we got an uber out to Sconset and spent some time walking around and shopping before dinner at Summer House.  This part of the island has a different and more laid back atmosphere that was so charming.

On our last morning, after our two breakfasts, we biked to Surfside beach and had lunch at the Wharf.

 Another magical week in Nantucket!  Bye Bye Nantucket see you next year with the twins!

Jul 20, 2017

4th weekend fun!

July 4th weekend started off with some much needed family time at home.  We enjoyed being outdoors and cooking Friday and Saturday.  It rained off and on, but then this happened Saturday night.  A rainbow followed by a beautiful sunset.  I always love our house, but nights like this I have to just pinch myself.  
Sunday morning we drove to my in laws lake house for a few days.

Ellie just makes herself right at home haha! 

It took Bobo a little while to warm up to the dock and lake water, but once he did he was non stop!

As much as Ellie is the leader between these two, Bobo is definitely the driver!
Kiddos love their Mimi and Pop.

We took the boat out a lot and spent most of the time jumping off the dock and playing with all the toys out there.
This picture cracks me up....Ryan wanting to be adventurous and get a work out being lazy and sitting on the front:)

We boated to dinner one night and drank a pitcher of the most incredible cucumber jalapeno margaritas.
We drove home and had ice cream cookie sandwiches outdoors before bed.

Our trip to the lake was only a few days, but we tried to cram in as many activities as possible.
Both Ellie and Graham love tubbing!  Thankfully Pop and Ryan took turns doing this.

Ellie helped me make a chocolate chip cookie brownie with festive M&M's on top! She looks so proud and Graham looks like "why the picture...can we just eat it?"
I knew it would rain a little while we were there so I brought a few games and activities to occupy the twins inside.  This "road tape" from the $1 isle at Target was well worth the money!

The last day was the 4th and the weather was perfect!
Ryan had to work the next day so we went home for naps and woke up to a neighbor setting off fireworks over the pond.  We hopped in the boat and got a little festive with some sparklers before bed.
Hope everyone had a safe and fun 4th!