May 9, 2017

Easter and Spring Happenings

 Things have been a little crazy in our house lately!  This time of year is always a little busier than usual, but this year is just nuts!  I am going back in time a bit in order to not forget any of these sweet moments!  Our neighborhood had their annual egg hunt to kick off our Easter Festivities.
 Bobo and Ellie make a great team!  They hunt together and it cracks me up because they try so hard to coordinate boy and girl colored eggs and find the same amount.

 They even share their candy:)
Our old neighbors had their annual Easter Egg Hunt a few days later!

 The kids had so much fun seeing all their friends, eating lunch and hunting eggs!
 Ellie adores these sweet sisters!
 They still share treats which melts my heart.
On Easter morning the twins woke up to their baskets overflowing with treats!

We attended our church service followed by placing flowers on the cross outside.

 Ryans parents hosted Easter lunch and had the kids make the cupcakes for dessert.

 Pop hid eggs the kids had a ball running around finding them.
 This little one loves to cook.  She has been helping me alot in the kitchen.  She eats so good and I think part of that is she is so into the process.  This particular night she made salad.
 Our favorite smoothie bowl food truck has parked itself at the mall and I am embarrassed to tell you how often the kids and I eat there now.

 Long naps and lots of sleepovers lately too.
 We still do family Fridays and two weeks ago we had one of the best Fridays yet.  We took the kids to Carrowinds!

 These real like dinosaurs had Bobo a little nervous haha!
 The twins thought they were so cool because there were a few rides they could get on without us.
 The carrousel is still one of our favs!
Ellie takes after me on a roller coaster.  Hands up the whole time!  

Still have a lot to catch up on including the fact that we just got back from an amazing vacation, but more on that next!

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