May 14, 2017


There is nothing better than fresh strawberries from the patch!  We recently spent the morning picking local organic strawberries with the twinkies.

 Ellie was so careful and thoughtful about which ones she picked.
 Bobo just followed her around with the wagon.

 They got a fresh strawberry slushy as a reward.

 Wise Acres has so many fun activities along with the strawberry fields.
 One of the new favorites this year was the barrel train ride.
 They also loved this double platform swing.
 Ryan had work meetings all day so after we got home we decided to make a strawberry cake!
 My kids love to help out in the kitchen, but normally I am hovering over them making sure they are measuring correctly and not making a huge mess.  For this cake I decided to let them just do it all!  The funniest was Ellie and the icing....more butter more strawberries now.  The end result was not the best consistancy, but she was just so darn proud!

 They told me they wanted to put a bunch of strawberries on the top like a pattern.
 Then they decided this would make the best birthday cake for "their babies".

 So the end the day we had a little party for their twins Charlie and Lilly.

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  1. Wow so fun - they did a fantastic job on that yummy looking cake - such a loving family - love you all XOXO