May 31, 2017

Ellie's big dance

I still can not believe this beautiful little ballerina.  She just blew me away!  I grew up dancing and to have Ellie so in love with dance makes me the happiest and proudest mom!  I am also blessed to have a very talented mom friend (shout out to you Cindy!) who surprised me and took all these amazing photos of Ellie dancing!
The name of their dance was Dolls in a toy shop.  They were to pretend to be dolls and got wound up and danced and talked like baby dolls. Ellie is laser focused when she dances.  This is rare for a 4 year old!  As you can see the girls around and behind her being silly and distracted.  I am sure I was not this into dance at this young of an age!  
Oh I just love this face!  She is the perfect mix of excited and proud!
 Dolls in a toy shop say "ma-ma"

 And this pic!  Cindy caught her strutting her stuff!

 Ellie's God Mother came to her practice and made Ellie's day!

 Ellie and her best friend Caroline.
 Our sweet next door neighbor and Ellie.

The two sets of twins!  Love these supportive brothers who sat through 2 hours of ballet routines just to see their sisters dance!

 Ellie just lights up on stage and I  love watching her shine!

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