Aug 30, 2011

We're Back!

Although we have taken almost a month off from blogging....we are officially back!  There have been lots of changes around here.  First of all we moved again!  We have spent the past few weeks moving, cleaning, unpacking, painting, decorating and trying to get settled!
We also went two weeks without internet and had a computer break down (main reason for my absence).  Our new computer was delivered today!  I am now an official Mac user.
Still learning how to use my new computer, but stay tuned for updates on our new house!

Aug 2, 2011

Family Beach Trip

I met up with my family last week in Folly Beach, SC.  I miss my family sooo much now that we live over 3 hours away from them:(  When I first arrived we got back in the car and drove into Charleston for the day!  We were the ultimate tourists.  We went on a carriage ride, walked and shopped in the market and ate dinner at Hymans Seafood Restaurant.
The carriage ride:

We went down Rainbow Row and viewed lots of incredible historic houses.  We saw so much so I will focus on my top three were...
1.  The Ice Cream houses...they were painted to look like Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla:)
2.  One of the houses used in filming the Notebook...Allie's parents front door and entry...
3.  And finally The Palmer House.  It has been owned by three generations of Dentist and still has the original paint color which was chosen to look like healthy gums:)
After the carriage ride we did some shopping and stopped for an old fashion Cream Soda!
A house full of boys can get loud and rowdy! But never a dull moment!

Lots of fun in the water!
After a long week...once again back to reality and more packing...only a few more days until we move again!!!