May 20, 2013

The Uncles Graduate

Last weekend we went to two graduation events...first up was my brother Matthew's graduation from South Carolina in Columbia, SC.

 My Dad and Bonus Mom got the twins little South Carolina shirts to wear!  They looked adorable...but slept the entire time so this is the best pic we could get.

 Uncle Jake was a huge help with the twins!  He is going to be the best Uncle!!

We took a better pic at home once the kids woke up in their SC gear...
Then on Sunday(Mother's Day) we went to my In-Laws lake house for Jared's graduation party.  He graduated from Georgia's MBA program.
We again dressed the twins up for the occasion!
 Graham, Uncle Jared and Ellie....
 The spread...

And just so there was no confusion we had to remind the twins what school they actually cheer for!
Congrats again to Matthew and Jared!  We know you both have worked so hard to achieve your goals!

May 14, 2013

Mothers Day Weekend

First and foremost I absolutely love being a mom.  I feel like this is what I was truly meant to do.  There are certainly moments when Graham a baby is crying or has just pooped everywhere, when I have to take a deep breath and just laugh, but overall it is an absolute joy!  I feel so blessed to be these two little ones' mommy.  Our weekend was jam packed, but Ryan carved out a little time on Mother's Day morning to relax and celebrate me:)  I got a balloon, sweet cards, new shoes and little messages on bathroom mirrors and shower doors.  Mainly he cooked and cleaned for me all day.  We are loving morning snuggles in bed these days too...

After breakfast we went on a walk...
 After our walk we left for the day to go to Uncle Jared's Graduation party, but made it back by 7 to feed the twins and snuggle a little before bed.

Even though we were exhausted from traveling and a long weekend I had a wonderful 1st Mother's Day.  I feel like the luckiest mommy in the world to spend my days with these two.

May 10, 2013

Food Truck Friday

We had a great Friday!!!  I went shopping, to the Farmers market with the twins during the day, and we met lots of friends at Food Truck Friday in Charlotte later in the afternoon.  Lots of unique food trucks park in a gravel lot and serve amazing food!!!
Little Ryan loved all the trucks and of course the yummy food!  And great people watching (don't mind the highlighter belly shirt lady in front of us in line!)
 We got there early to reserve blanket spots so it looks a little deserted in this pic..
 The fav truck of the night....fancy grilled cheese and my fav was the truffle oil chips!
 This grilled cheese has mac and cheese and bbq in it!
This one had goat cheese, heirloom bacon and fig preserves....
Here are the truffle chips....
 The twins slept until the last few minutes...
 Me and Rach...
 The boys....
Ahhh young love! Little Ryan asks about Ellie all the time and told us he was going to marry her.  This may be a future Rehearsal Dinner Slideshow Pic!

We have a packed weekend ahead....for now TGIF!

May 7, 2013

Ryans 30th Birthday!

Today is Ryan's 30th Birthday!!!!  Life is obviously a little busy these days and we wouldn't want it any other way, but doesn't leave much time to celebrate the big 3-0 properly.  Ryan loves the water and his parents just recently bought a lake house so we decided to get away for the weekend and visit.  This was our first time traveling and spending the night out with the twins.  They did pretty good, but had our first "bad night".  We still feel pretty lucky to have such good sleepers and give them a pass for being a little off their first night away.  This is how we find them when we wake them up....
 Graham is either screaming or smiling...
 Ellie always wakes up because Graham wakes up first so she is usually stretching and covering up her face from the light...such a little stinker:)
The weather wasn't great this weekend so we spent lots of quality family time inside.  The few hours of good weather we took advantage of!  Here is the view of the back of the house.
 Here is Ryan relaxing on a hammock with the baby sweet!
We had lots of fun playing on the floor and in our bobby's!

We had some bottle training sessions!  The extra hands were nice.

 Ryan made himself comfy between his parents correcting them as they learned how to feed the twins haha!

We celebrated Ryan's birthday on Cinco de Mayo so we went with a Mexican theme dinner and I made a Mexican Chocolate cake.

I also got the twins outfits for Daddy's special day...
Since today is Ryan's actual Birthday the twins and I surprised him with all his favorite things at work!!  

Tonight Ryan and I are going out to dinner on our first date night since the twins were born!  Happy 30th Birthday Ryan.  You are such a wonderful husband, best friend and an amazing daddy!