Sep 21, 2015

Weekend Adventures!

Lately I feel like our weeks are full of structure and routine and our weekends are one long adventure!  This weekend we took the kids on a date for new shoes and pizza! Ellie is in heaven because Toms makes purple shoes and the store had her size!  She cried when we made her take them off before bed!  Saturday morning we took them to the North Carolina Aviation Museum.  I didn't have very high expectations before going, but this place ended up being really fun! 
 There were 4 planes the kids could actually get in!
 There is no AC in the hanger with all the planes so the lighting is very low and there were lots of fans.  Luckily it hasn't been too hot here lately so we were totally fine...just couldn't get the best pics with little light!
 The "Hudson River Plane" is located inside the museum as well.  There were artifacts, videos and demonstrations of the crash.  I loved the twins faces looking at this particular plane.  Planes look so small in the air and you forget how big they really are!
 I swear all the staff at the museum was sweet older men.  They have a love for aviation and kids!  There was a safety demonstration going on and they let the twinkies get some energy out on the blow up slide that activates in an crash on water.
 They were moving very very fast so sorry for the blurry pics!

 My little fighter pilots!

 During naps I snuck away to go to my sweet friend Abbys baby shower.  This may be the cutest theme I have ever seen!  Abby and her husband spent the last few years in Dubai and Australia so the girls did a travel theme with hot air balloons and globes!
 Abby also has a gluten allergy so I was in heaven because I could eat everything at this shower!
 Take away airplane snacks!
 Love this girl and so excited to meet baby B in a month!!!
 I went home chatted with our baby sitter and left again!  Ryan and I met up with a big group to check out some of the breweries around Charlotte!  These places were crowded and full of energy....I laughed at one point and looked at Ryan and said "So this is what people without kids do on a Saturday afternoon in Charlotte huh?"  The guys played corn hole in the open lawn outside while the girls chatted and danced to the live band!
Here is a pic of the whole group!
We made it to Old Meck, Sycamore and Tripe C!  I think Sycamore was the crowd favorite!  Also the food trucks outside were a life saver after all that beer consummed!  Best part about a day activity is we were home and in pjs by 8:30!
Sunday Ryan went to the Panthers game and I tried to keep these two out of time out and entertained!      The Panthers won and everyone ended the weekend happy...what else can you ask for?

Sep 16, 2015

Football Fun

Two weeks of NC State football games makes this mama happy...and tired!  We took the kids this week and made a mandatory stop on the way for a PSL.  Football and pumpkin
I also got to see sweet college friends who I don't see very often!
We laughed at how different tailgates are now compared to college!
We had lots of yummy food including these Rice Krispie treats I made in football shapes for the kids!
Caroline and I brought lots of stuff to keep the kids busy.
We got to see the walk of Champions where all the football players, band, coaches and cheerleaders walk by!
The players were so sweet and would walk over and give the twinkies high fives.  I love this picture because Ellie is getting a high five and reaching out her hand for another one haha!
This picture cracks me up!  Kids taking a water break during a corn hole game.
Game time!!!!

We have been talking about NC State football for weeks and the kids were thrilled to finally be there!
She got excited whenever the crowd would sing the "Red and White" Song!
Half time performance!  The liked the band, but were more interested in finding Ms Wolf!
I am so proud of how well the kids did!  We stayed until half way through third quarter when it looked like it was about to pour dow rain...we made it to our car and the sky opened up!
We put the kids in pjs and drove home.  Can't wait until next year when they can come to more games!  The next morning we slept in and changed into our Panther gear!
 Ryan smoked wings on the grill and we played outside enjoying some beautiful fall weather!
 After naps Ryan wasn't feeling well so I took the kids solo to our neighborhood cookout!  As much as I am wanting more space and a bigger house, I will miss my neighbors so much if we ever move!  The twins just ran and giggled the entire time (minus the initial melt down over a dog haha).
Love weekends with my family and the fact that we all share a love of football!