Feb 24, 2014

Hands full!

These two are constantly on the move now!!!  Not only are my hands full these days...so are theirs!  Graham has an obsession with socks...I know it sounds weird, but it is so true!  He loves it when I am folding laundry because I will purposefully drop socks and he goes around and collects them.  This kid can fit about 8-10 socks in his tiny little hands!

He also loves his stackables and loves if he can't find socks!

Ellie prefers to carry stuff in her mouth....she cracks me up! (ignore bad photos and hair:)

 Love these two!!!

Feb 18, 2014

My 3 loves....Happy Valentines Day!

We started our Valentines day off with some presents and heart shaped breakfast!

Since there was still a few inches of snow on the ground Ryan had Valentines Day off.  It was also the first day in 3 that we could get our car down the steep driveway and go somewhere other than a neighbors house!  We ran errand after errand after errand and it felt so good to get out!  All four of us had fun and Ryan and I got a lot done!
 Ellie loves waving at EVERYONE when we are out in public....adorable!
 Whole Foods doesn't have double kids carts so they each ride in their own (or when I am alone I hold Graham and Ellie rides).
 After our second grocery store and sale shopping at one of our favorites kids clothing stores, we got coffee to keep us fueled for more activities!
 Since it was so nice out we had bottles outside while daddy shoveled the driveway!

 After naps we went back out to the toy store, bakery, post office and craft store!
 Test driving some bikes and cars!

 When we got home Ryan gave me and Ellie flowers for Valentine's Day.  My dad used to buy me flowers on Valentine's day and I always felt so special.  Glad Ryan started this tradition for Ellie too!
 Kids Dinner....Heart shaped grilled cheese and strawberries with baby food and broccoli!
After the twinkies went to bed Ryan and I made our annual Champagne Fondue!! So yummy!!!
I am so blessed and so loved this Valentine's Day!

Feb 17, 2014

Snowmaggedon 2014

Well we definitely got snow this time!  I feel like Charlotte never really gets snow when other parts of the state do....but not this time!!!  The snow fall started early Tuesday morning and continued until Thursday evening!  Tuesday night we decided to go to our neighbors house for a sleepover since we didn't want to go far from home and since Ryan had already closed down the office Wednesday.  We had a blast!

 watching the weather updates....
 4 kiddos in one tub....

 Holden reading the babies a bedtime story....
 PJ party:)
 Everyone slept great!
 Who wants to build a snow man?....Ellie does!

 Adam loved sledding!
 G wasn't into sledding, but loved having extra time with Daddy!
 Holly and I used a neighbors steep driveway to pull the kids down....Ellie absolutely loved it!
 Our family of four:)
 Our house covered in snow!
 We ended up losing power for a day and had to keep warm indoors.

 Good thing we have two real fire places....Ryan had fires going all day long.
 We have an old house with bad insulation so we had to keep out the cold as best we could.
Ryan wore fly fishing waders outside because we couldn't find our ski bin with all our water proof pants.  when he was trying them on Ellie wanted to be held.....this made me laugh!

We luckily got power on right when we were starting to get cold and before bed thank goodness!!!  The next day the roads were bad so we again stayed close to home.  We had a neighborhood playdate with homemade pizzas! Seriously love our neighbors!
 me and sweet Carter.
 Ryan and G
 Ryan giving Holly and Carter a push!
G and Carter's turn!

 E and Daddy

 This pic sums up their opposite reactions to sledding....
 and the snow continued to fall.....
 warm bath with "snow" bubbles!

After a few days we were all stir crazy and ready for the snow to go away, but it was so pretty while it lasted!  There was so much that even though the temperatures were in the 50's it still didn't melt it all!  Graham was mesmerized by Ryan doing manual labor...haha jk!

 Ok enough snow for 2014....I am ready for spring!!!