Aug 14, 2018


We recently took the kids to our happy place, Nantucket!  We have been telling them since our trip last year that the next time we go we would bring them along.  It was so neat to see them experience it for the first time, and of course they feel in love just like we did.  
When we land we always go to Cru first for lunch.

The kids loved the oysters and hushpuppies the size of Ryan's fist.
After lunch we walked around and stopped by the Juice Bar for ice cream.

We spent the rest of the day at Jetties Beach.   We made sandcastles, searched for seashells, swam and then had dinner at the Sand Bar in our bathing suits.

The kids loved the sandbars at Jetties Beach.  The water was a little cold for me, but didn't seem to bother these three at all. 
Ryan bought a whiffle ball and bat and played beach baseball with Bobo.
Our sweet friend Holly bought them this game and it was perfect for restaurants!  Also Bobo's hair was cracking us up!  He kept saying "Beach hair, don't care."
The food at the Sand Bar is ok, but the grilled oysters were pretty darn good!

Before the kids bedtime we bathed them and walked to the local wine store for some wine to drink after kids bedtime.

I surprised the kids with matching pjs.
When we woke up the next morning it was drizzling and super foggy, so we walked to Fog Island Cafe for breakfast and did some shopping.  
 We took the kids to Town Pool.  They have three levels- bottom is a candy store and zero gravity Photo Booth, middle is clothing store and top is miniature golf.
They also have a duck scavenger hunt that changes daily for young kids.  Once the kids finish the hunt they get $1 to spend in the candy store.  This occupied them while Ryan and I shopped!  
 Our first visit to Nantucket we went fishing and had the fish we caught made into a piece of art.  We cut the large piece of art into three medium sized pages and had them framed for above our family room couch.  We took kids by to see the store and meet Pete.  When we walked in we saw a replica of our fish art on his check out counter.  The twins thought this was really cool(and so did we)!!!

 We had drinks at Tree bar while kids colored and lunch at Provisions.
It had stopped raining by mid day so we went to the beach and then got dressed up for dinner. We headed to The White Elephant for cocktails before dinner.

Ellie was complaining a lot before and after dinner so we told her if she kept it up she wouldn't get ice cream.  We are not the parents who are full of empty threats...we follow through.  As Bobo and I waited in line to get ice cream I looked across the street and saw this...hahaha!  She never whined or complained, but I guarantee you she learned her lesson and was good so she could get ice cream the next day!

The next morning we picked up our jeep rental and headed to breakfast!  We could walk to most things, but it was nice to plan meals further away while we had the jeep!
We went to breakfast, did some grocery shopping and then stopped by Something Natural for lobster sandwiches before going to the beach.  

The twins loved letting the air out of the tires before we drove on the beach. 
I put on a headscarf for the windy ride and Ellie insisted she have one too.  She looked so stinking cute in it too!
We really wanted to spend the day at the beach so we bought a bocce set and some other fun games.
This little one recently fell in love with sparkling water so she and I would split one each day at lunch.

Oh this stuff is so yummy!!!

We wore the twins out and let them snooze while we drove to a different beach. They stopped napping a little over two months ago, but still fall asleep in the car most days. n

The kids were loving driving around and checking out the island while beach hopping all day long.
We headed home and showered before dinner at Millie's.  This place was so fun and definitely the place to be on a Friday night!
Friyay+ice cream+a topless jeep= perfect day.
On Saturday we returned our jeep and rented these bikes!  I was not sure how it was going to work, but once we started it was so easy and fun.  I love that the kids were in front of us so we could see them, they had better view and we could hear them talk about all they were seeing!
If you ask the twins what their favorite part about Nantucket was, they would most likely say the bikes!  We had so much fun on these!!!

After cruising around and getting lunch and snacks to go we headed to Children's Beach.
Ryan bought a net and they caught some fish and attempted to catch crabs off the dock.

Another lunch...another lobster sandwich on the beach!!!
Later in the afternoon it started to drizzle again so we showered and went back to Town Pool for the kids duck scavenger hunt!
On our last night we ate at Boarding House and every single thing we ordered was divine.  We all loved the smoked salmon much we ordered 2!  We finished the night with ice cream from The Juice Bar of course. 

It was a little chilly the last morning so we did some more shopping and the twins picked out these cute sweat shirts.  They have been sleeping with them over their pjs most nights now that we are home too.
If you google Nantucket chances are you will see pictures of beautiful hydrangeas.  The pictures don't lie!  They are gorgeous and EVERYWHERE!
Bobo insisted on taking one of Ryan and I too:)  We will hopefully make it back to this happy island every year we want to rent a small house and stay longer!!!