Mar 31, 2018

Great Wolf Lodge

 Bobo and Ellie have been asking to go to Great Wolf Lodge for a while now.  I'll be honest...I was not really into this water park and having to stay the night idea.  But for their birthday we gave them the option of presents or a night at GWL...and guess what they picked??? 
 They could not believe they had bunk beds and a tv in their "room"!
 There was so much to do and mostly tiny kids that the majority of the rides were empty.
The individual slides behind them in this pic was hands down all of our favorite!  
We got very lucky in the fact that the place was close to empty!!!  We never once waited in line and were able to go on each ride as many times as we wanted!
 We mostly took advantage of the water park, but hit up the candy store and arcade too!

 Since we skipped naps this day, the twins were asleep before 7:15 so we didn't do story time or any of those night time activities.  We also didn't eat the food (except the candy of course).  Instead I brought a bunch of stuff for dinner and breakfast and we ate in our suite.  Ryan even brought stuff to make some cocktails in our room after the kids went to bed...lets be honest we deserved them after 6 hours of water slides!
 These two were so worn out they couldn't stay awake on the 20 min drive home:)

Mar 19, 2018

Twinkies turn 5!!!!

We are still celebrating these two turning 5!  Five seems like a big one and they are twins and have to share everything so we celebrate big!  They love a good party theme like their mama!  This year they wanted a Star Wars party.  No they have never seen the movies or shows, but somehow know all about it and love it.  They helped me design their cake and cookies.  
 We went to several different venues and they picked My Little Gym in Charlotte. 

 They had so much fun in Jedi Training with all their best friends!  They had the biggest smiles on their face all day long.

 After running around and pretending to be Jedi we had a snack and some cake.

They gave all their friends a Star Wars Pez take away.  I was kind of sad I didn't get to go all out with the theme this year, but at the end of the day they had the best time and there was plenty of space for all the kids to run around and have a ball!  
 We changed into our pjs (star wards glow in the dark ones for them) and spent the night opening presents, playing tons of board games and snacking on one of their fav dinners.
 On their actual birthday we woke them up with our traditional balloons in bed and the happy birthday song.

 We made them 5 pancakes with sprinkles!
They wanted a meat and cheese board for lunch, but had school that day so I tried my best to incorporate it into their lunch box!
 I surprised them at school with Star Wars cookies for their class.

 My kids still nap daily....yep they are 5 and still love to sleep!  On their Birthday we skipped and went to Discovery Place Kids to play!
For dinner we went to Mellow Mushroom and requested a booth in the bus.  Ellie hasn't eaten here so she was so excited.
 They knew it was their birthday and made them cinnamon and sugar desserts in the shape of the number 5!
 What an amazing start (yep I said start) to the Birthday celebrations!!!  I could celebrate these two and their birth every day!!!

Mar 3, 2018

Daddy Daughter Dance

This beautiful princess went to her third Daddy Daughter Dance last weekend.  Ryan was gone all week traveling and got home just in time to change and take her.  She asked every hour if she could put her dress on!  She also wanted me to curl her hair!!!  I always think she is the prettiest girl in the world, but she looked especially grown up and precious on that night. 

 I have always thought Ellie looked just like Ryan and she absolutely adores him!
 Cant forget about her other favorite guy:)

Charlotte Country Club always does a phenomenal job on the theme for these type of events.  This year was Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory! I mean what girl doesn't like dancing and chocolate???

 After the sit down dinner they passed out chocolate bars to all the girls and 5 had a golden ticket....
 Look who got one!!!!

 These 5 special girls got to go into the chocolate factory first to pick out their dessert.  She had the best night and came home on cloud nine after a night dancing and eating chocolate with her Daddy!
I took Bobo bowling with some of his friends. This was his first time using the ramp (thank goodness because his ball usually rolls less than two miles an hour!)

 Although I would have loved to be a fly on the wall at the dance, I soaked up every minute of my time with my favorite little boy!