Jul 29, 2013

Rolly Polly

Both kids have now rolled over!  While I am very excited about this....I am also real nervous about them being mobile!  Its really easy now because I can leave them on the changing table, leave one in the living room while I have the other in the tub...you get the picture.  I have a feeling them being mobile equals me being exhausted!  The first time Ellie rolled over we were playing at The Lees!  Graham rolled over exactly a week later....at 5 AM in his crib.  We heard him babbling and couldn't believe he was awake.  I went to check on him and he was laying on his back smiling at me...little stinker!  Since then Graham spent two nights constantly rolling over and waking himself up.  He is now only doing it during tummy time...thanks goodness!!!
I have not been able to upload the video of them rolling over, but here are some cute pics!

They are so cute looking in the mirror during tummy time while they work on strengthening their neck and upper body muscles!

Hopefully they just like rolling over a while and don't start crawling anytime soon!!!

Jul 27, 2013

Knuckle Sandwich

Sorry for the lack of blogging...we have had LOTS of issues in the Londry house lately!!!  First we have had no internet (well off on and on at night...but not during the day) for about 2 weeks now.  Second we have had construction on the road in front of our house for over a week!  This causes lots of noise, no water for a day and lots of guys ringing our doorbell to "update" us on the progress....talk about frustration!  And lastly we had a big storm last week and lost power.....it got real hot in our house, but luckily babies slept despite the heat and no sound machine!

Ok now that we have that out of the way....on to the knuckle sandwich!  Both kids have recently started putting their hands in their mouths.   Its so funny how they still do a lot of things at the same time!  Ellie sucks on her hand, but Graham tries to put his entire fist in his mouth hah!

 Here he is trying to get both hands in his mouth!

Jul 7, 2013

4 months

The day we came home from the beach the twins turned 4 months!  Graham and Ellie have grown a lot over the past month.  We are always out and about and both are still such good little babies. During month 4 we established a new routine, went on our first vacation and beach trip, are sleeping only on our stomach, are eating around 20-22 oz a day, stay awake a lot more and giving  lots of smiles!  They have started following us as we walk across the room and making lots of eye contact.  Both are making lots of new noises, which we love!

G and E are now in size 1 diapers and wearing mostly 3 month clothes.  This gives us a lot more options on what to wear and they are always matching! Our new schedule: They wake up around 6:45-7:30AM and drink a bottle and play until about 8:30.  We let them lay in their boppy's and watch tv and usually do some independent play during this time.   They take a nap between 8:30-9:30 or we walk and they snooze.  We then eat and change clothes and play until about 10:30.  Then we take a morning nap until around 12.  They eat and play until about 1/1:30 and then take a long nap until 4.  We give them another bottle and this is the longest awake time during the day.  Neither takes a good late afternoon nap anymore so we started just letting them stay awake until bedtime.  Sometimes we go to the park with friends or go on a family walk around 5 and they might take a 20-30 rest in the stroller.  We give baths and bottles at 6 and read a story and put them to bed between 7 and 7:30.

Graham- Nicknames Bubba, Bubbawubs and Graham Bam.  You have recently started babbling and it has to be the sweetest thing.  You also do this sweet noise right after you sneeze....we are desperately trying to capture it on film!  You still love sleeping on your tummy and love your paci.  You are constantly kicking your cute little legs and we put you in your Jumparoo so you can put those strong kicks to use!  You are definitely our snuggler.  I think you would be happy just hugging me and sitting in my lap all day!  We are slowly trying to break you from wanting to be held as much.  Your friend Cameron let you borrow his Piano mat toy and its is by far your favorite toy!

Ellie- Nicknames: Bug, E, sissy, Peanut and Buggaboo.  You are still a very chill and laid back baby.  You are very independent and for the most part quiet.  You most recently started sucking your thumb!  You are full of smiles and on the verge of laughing!!  You like to be on your own, but will let us hold you and stay still while you watch the TV.  You spend a lot of time in your bumbo seat and are pretty content just about anywhere.
Happy 4 months Graham and Ellie.  It is such a joy watching you both grow up...just slow down a little please!

Jul 6, 2013

July 4th Beach week!

We always spend July 4th at Sunset Beach with our best friends and family!  This was our first road trip, beach visit and vacation since we had the twins.  I was pretty nervous considering last time they spent the night out they didn't do well at all.  I actually put up the pack n plays in their nursery and made the twins take a nap a day in them so they would get used to sleeping somewhere different.  Besides Graham crying in the car for the first half of the ride down they did amazing!  Them sleeping and happy makes us happy and everyone has a lot more fun!
Also want to warn you their are LOTS of pics in this post:)  We immediately took the twins to the beach!

 We had amazing weather the entire time!
The first night we played Minute to Win it!  Rebecca organized and purchased everything for the game and it was a blast!!!
 Rebecca even had a trophy for the winning team!
 The winners!
 All the kids in their sweet matching crab outfits.
Adam-17 months, Ellie-4 months, Ryan-3 and Graham-4 months.
Tomato pies for dinner....yum!
Graham and Ellie loved all the attention...

The next day was July 4th!
 All of us in our 4th pjs!
 First dip in the ocean!
 Little Ryan loved the water this year!
 The triplets
 Me and G catching some rays...
Stef, Becca and Lillian
 Family pic
 Catch him if you can....
 Snack time...
After a day at the beach we went home to get ready for the festivities!
 The hats and glasses were a big hit!

 Our family on the 4th
 The guys....
 Andy with the twins...he was so sweet and helpful all weekend.  The kids LOVE their uncle Andy.
 Adam and Ryan
We made Moscow Mules, grilled out and had our annual corn hole tournament on the 4th.

Becca and I being silly while the family next door took professional family pics....hope we never get too old to act like this!
 The triplets reuinited!
Let the cornhole tourney begin!

We had an odd number of players so I was selected to play on two teams.  I got both Drs as my partners.  Both my teams made it to the finals which meant I had to play myself.  Team Londry ended up winning, but I had a great set of partners.
Me and partner #1- Pop
 Partner #2...my hubby.
The next day we woke up early and watched some cartoons before hitting the beach for the day!
 We even got to play with baby James for a little while!
 Andy barried little Ryan and then gave him lady parts! he thought it was really funny!
 Love this guy!
 Andy and Adam
It gets real around our house at lunch time.  We crush cool ranch Doritos, chicken salad and lunch meat!  We split up dinners so that each family/house/couple has a turn cooking for the whole bunch.  We always have George make spaghetti and meatballs, our house does the 4th cookout and usually either tomato pies or mexican night and the last night Uncle John makes a seafood gumbo!  We also play lots of games.  The last night we played our all time favorite....charades!
 Little Ryan and Katie
 Katie and Graham hanging on the porch waiting on dinner.
The entire gang!
Some of my favorite moments were seeing the babies sleeping in their tent with their bottoms up in the air, eating chocolate peanut butter ice cream, kids in matching pjs and late nights drinking wine and watching the baby monitor.
Last morning before we packed up and left Adam gave Ellie a kiss....non-provoked I swear!
What a fun week!  Can't wait until next year when we have two little ones running around and eating sand!