Jun 18, 2015

Family Baseball Night!

Tonight we spent as a family watching Baseball and eating until we could not possible eat anymore.  What better way to spend a Thursday night!

 When we first  got to the game it was pretty hot, but we were luckily in the shade so it cooled off quickly!
 Ryan lucked out and got seats on this row with the rail in front so the kids just ran around and had so much fun.

 This one is my wild child!

 The popcorn was probably the best entertainment for them.
 After the game we got Frozen Yogurt and headed home for a late bedtime.
 Love our time as a family and creating memories together.

My babies with their babies

These two are obsessed with their babies.  Ellie got a few for Christmas last year and one has been assigned to Graham.  They are so sweet and take such good care of their babies.  I have so many pictures of precious moments of them and these babies that I had to put them all in one place to remember this when they get older.
Ellie and Graham doing "airplane" just like Daddy does.

 And shoulder rides.
 Feeding and dressing babies alike.
 Most of the clothes are the twinkies preemie clothes.  I still can not believe they were ever this small.  I am so glad I decided to keep all this size clothes because they are the perfect size for baby dolls.

 They even swing the babies and take them in the car whenever I will let them.

Jun 15, 2015

Our Weekend

Our weekend started off with Ryan closing on practice number 5!  Kids were so proud of him!
 To celebrate we went with some friends to see Kenny!  I knew I loved Kenny and his music, but totally forgot how many amazing songs he had!  We could have listened to him play for hours!

 Chase Rice opened up for Kenny and then came back out at the end to sing "She thinks my tractors sexy" and was wearing a Charlotte Hornets Jersey!

 These two have been playing more together and becoming sweet friends.  We played red rover red rover and they thought it was so much fun!

Friday I took he kids to the pool to meet up with some their friends!  So happy we finally have a pool we belong to and go all the time! Graham, Ridley, Baby Wez (in Ellies old bathing suit) and Ellie bug.
 Sweet Baby Wez is seriously the happiest little girl in the world.

Ellie, Kate, Graham and Bo!   Thank goodness I only have two kids to photograph all day because 4 was impossible!
 The twinkies loved watching the big kids jump off the diving board.

 Friday night once Ryan got home we made pizzas on his grill.  They were amazing!

 Saturday we did some yard work and errands since it seems like forever since we have been home on the weekend.

 Saturday night was American Flag themed supper club.  I signed up for apps and made red, white and blue skewers (feta, watermelon with blackberry balsamic glaze) and Pimento Cheese and bacon toast!   Whats more American than pimento cheese and bacon??

 We played lots of whiffle ball and flip cup!
 The blackberry cobble was a huge hit!  Simpson even made if Gluten free for me....I have the best friends!
 Guys vs girls flip cup....don't worry the girls dominated!
 Here is me vs Ryan...I am not good at this game haha!
 Sunday morning we went to church and these two looked too precious to not take a pic.
 Lunch naps and swim lessons is our typical Sunday afternoon.

 We treated the kids, and us, to ice cream after dinner and then came home to water flowers and the kids had a blast running through it and getting sprayed.

 We are so happy for the hot weather and time together this summer!