Jun 30, 2019

Harbour Island, Bahamas

We just got back from a week in Harbour Island, Bahamas.  I saw this adorable house in a magazine a few years ago and have had it at the top of our family travel Bucket List since!  We tried to plan a trip here for Spring Break, but started a little late and most places were booked.  While planning our Jamaica trip for Spring Break we kept talking about Harbour Island and went ahead and planned a trip there too for summer time!   We had very high expectations for this trip and it didn't disappoint.  First of all this is the longest we have stayed in one location ever.  We have traveled for longer amount of time, but not while staying put!  It was so fun and relaxing!  We were able to take a direct flight here and then after a short 10 minute boat ride we hoped on a golf cart and were ready to start the vacation!  First stop Sip Sip for drinks and their famous lobster quesadillas! 

 Then we checked into our house!  If you are going to Harbour Island The Coral House is amazing! 
 Every inch is well decorated and absolute perfection!
We took the golf cart to the local market to stock up on food, snacks and drinks for the week.
And then all the kids wanted to do was jump in the pool!
 I recently told Ryan for this vacay I didn't want to have to get all dressed up for meals each day.  We dressed up for dinner one night and the rest of the time cooked or grabbed casual meals in our bathing suits!

Bobo loves animals and couldn't get over all the lizards.  His favorite was this tiny guy!
 We were also able to celebrate Fathers Day here! 
 We walked to The Landing for their pancakes and avocado toast a few mornings.

 We all loved the ease and fun factor of having a golf cart all week.
 Do all kids love to be buried? 
 There are several great restaurants right on the beach.  For lunch each day we just walked up the stairs and enjoyed the view of the clearest waters I have ever seen!
We explored around the lone tree a few days.

And I can't tell you how many hours we played in this pool!  If there was any way to put one in at our home in Charlotte we would for sure after this week...but pond water and pool water don't mix well:)
 Proof that we did get dressed up and not wear bathing suits all week!
 We took a boat out for the day to snorkel and visit the pigs.
We saw tons of dolphins on the ride to Pig Island.
 And then we finally arrived....and the pigs were there to great us!  This little black pig was so so sweet!

And finally this one was our favorite.  He followed the twins everywhere and followed our boat as we drove away.  
We spent the next few hours snorkeling and found so many things!   
 This family of turtles came up and let us pet them! 
After a day on the boat we went to the beach and grabbed dinner at Queen Conch.

 Late night(after 8PM) pool party!
 Most of our days started with Bobo and Ryan getting coffee on the golf cart and bringing it home.  Ellie and I would pack up the beach bag and then we would head to breakfast and the beach.  We would walk somewhere on the beach for lunch and then usually ended up in the pool at night. 
Besides Sip Sip our favorite lunch spot was the Dunmore.  This place is so quaint and peaceful.  
 Their beach hut looks just like our ping pong table at home!
 I got the lobster cobb salad several times:)
And we also went to the dock to get local fish that Ryan would cook up for meals at home.
 Another country and another good family selfie!
 The twins loved being served mock-tails and snacks in the pool bar area at our house.

 Several nights we went on a golf cart ride looking for ice cream and sunsets. Seriously nothing is better than sitting on a dock watching the sunset with my favorite people.

Back to our adorable house.  Ellie's favorite thing was the pink fridge.
 And Bobo loved this doorbell that said Press for tequila.
Our favorite breakfast spots were The Landing, Cocoa, Bahamas Coffee Roasters, Arthurs and Sweet Spot.  For lunch we loved Queen Conch, Blue Bar, Dunmore and Sip Sip and for dinner we usually did one of the same places or cooked fish at home we grabbed from locals on the dock.

On our last full day the clouds (which were awesome all week so we never were too hot or burned) went away and we had a beautiful blue sky all day.  This made the water even more clear and bright blue.  I couldn't get over how pretty it was!
 We spent the entire day on the beach and ended with dinner outside and ice cream while watching the sunset.

 On our last day the kids swam while we packed and we headed home around lunch time.  We will be back and are so thankful for our time on this small island.  It truly is a special place!!!