Aug 25, 2013

Graham and Ellie's Baptism

We truly had the best day today.  Both Graham and Ellie were baptized this morning at church.  Although there were some rocky moments (Graham did NOT want his picture taken as you will soon see) overall the babies were great and the day went along pretty smoothly!  We had lots of family in town to witness this special day and lots of friends (and even our OB who delivered the babies) attend the service.  
"A baptism is a welcome to a life in God above- To all the joy and blessings that are part of His great love.  A baptism is a happy time for families to share.  A time for growing closer in God's strength and gentle care.  But, mostly, it's a gift of hope to someone sweet and new.  A gift your tiny child of God will keep a lifetime through."

Right after the baptism they walk the babies down the aisle and sing to them.
 Again, Graham was good until you tried to take his picture hah!
 Ellie and her God Mother Holly.  Ellie's God Father Andy had a game today so he couldn't attend the service, but sent flowers to let her know he was thinking about her.
 All our family.  How blessed are these babies to have so many loved ones.
 Dr. Howell and our family.
 Graham with Uncle Jared his God Father.  Although Graham's God Mother Rachel couldn't be there she is one of the most amazing Christians I know and will be such a great role model and support for him.
After a beautiful service we headed back to our house for a Sunday Celebratory Brunch!
The twins were very happy after a long nap!  Loved all the attention.
"I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me" Philippians 4:13

Aug 6, 2013

5 months

Graham and Ellie,
You guys are 5 months old today.  You have become so fun and enjoyable over the past month.  Your personalities are really starting to show.  You both rolled over, laughed and ate real food this month!  You have definetely noticed each other.  We put you guys face to face daily and your faces just light up when you see each other.  One of my favorite moments so far with having twins.  I pray you always love each other as much as you do now.  
Routine these days hasn't changed much.  You are still great sleepers!!!  Graham wakes up first every morning.  Usually between 7-7:15.  Ellie wakes up around 7:30, you like your beauty sleep!  I like this because Ryan is usually only home one morning to help with feedings so I get to feed you separately. We watch TV, play and read books after you eat.  We either go for a walk or you take a nap in your crib from 9-9:45/10.  Then you drink another bottle and we usually try to leave the house for a while. We will go to the pool, a playdate or we run errands.  I will put Graham in the baby bjorn and Ellie is content in the carseat (the easy one hah!).  You guys like the Mall, Target and the grocery store the best....I think its because I am constantly moving and there is lots to look at.  I try to get home between 11:45-12:15 and feed you another bottle.  We play and you go down for a long nap from 1-4.  Afternoons are fun because y'all are awake for a while.  We rarely stay home the entire time.  The majority of the time we go to the park with friends, and on the weekends we go to Yoforia for frozen yogurt or out for an early dinner.  You guys usually take a small cat nap either in the car on the way home from the park or in your crib for about 20-30 min.  We just started feeding you real food around 6, then baths, bottle, books and bed around 7PM. I am exhausted just typing all of this out...but love every second of it!

Graham - Bubba
You weigh 14 lb 10 oz and eat around 24 oz a day.  You are still in size 1 diapers and wearing 3 month clothes and a few 6 month outfits now fit.  You have to be the absolute sweetest little boy ever.  You melt my heart with your sweet eyes and little smirks.  I find you constantly staring at me and the second I look at you your face lights up and you give me that smile.  You truly have me wrapped around your little finger.  You still suffer from reflux and are not happy when you drink your bottle.  You are becomming more independent, which makes my day a lot easier.  You learned to roll over and spent several nights waking yourself up....not fun for mommy and daddy...but luckily haven't done it since!  Your favorite toy is still the piano.  You still make that sweet noise after you sneeze...hope you never outgrow that!  You have started bablling and making bubbles.  You mostly do this in the morning or at Ellie.  You are starting to suck your right two fingers and drool like crazy!  We have taken your paci away at night and only use it in the carseat or when on a walk to help you fall asleep.  You LOVE eating real food.  Although you haven't mastered keeping it all in your mouth, you still love to eat.
You weigh 13 lb 14 oz (my little peanut!) and eating around 20 oz a day.  You are still in size 1 diapers and wearing 3 month clothes.  You are still the easiest and sweetest little girl.  I swear you get prettier every day.  I still think you look like your dad, but starting to see my eyes.  You have become a little snuggler which I absolutely love!!!  You really love Graham and look for him when you hear him.  You still love sucking your left thumb and have a really big open mouth crazy girl smile that Daddy and I adore.  You still like the bumbo seat and now really like the Jumparoo. You too have rolled actually did it first!  You don't like to all.  You will take about 2 oz easily and then you will smile, laugh and stick your tongue out.  When it comes to real food you will not open up your little mouth.  When we get you to smile we will quickly put the spoon in your mouth and you will eat the entire bite, but you don't make it easy hah!  You are very very tickleish just like your dad!  Your laugh is one of my favorite sounds in the entire world.  You are a very loud babbler, which is so surprising since you are normally very quiet.  I love having a little girl to dress up and put bows in your hair every day.  Hope you always let me dress you up like my little doll!

We love you both so much and are loving each and every day we get to spend watching you grow!

Aug 4, 2013

Food...not quite love at first bite

The twins have never been good eaters....ever!  They are getting a little harder to feed bottles too due to them swatting at the bottle and pushing it out with their tongue.  We decided to start rice cereal about a week ago to try and fill up their bellies!
 Not so sure about this rice cereal hah!
 She wasn't a fan...

G liked it a little more round 2.
 E didn't hate it, but still not so sure...
After a little over a week of the rice cereal we decided to try real food!  We went to the farmers market in Charlotte yesterday and bought lots of fresh local organic veggies.  During their nap time today we made our first round of baby food!
 Sweet Potatoes!
 Butternut Squash!
 I put the majority of the food in freezer trays which should last us a few weeks.
 First night....butternut squash.  E wasn't so sure about it at first.
 Then she decided she liked it more than the rice cereal!
 After a few bites....she started to really like it!
Graham pretty much like it after the first little taste!
 Two full happy babies.
 So glad they liked my cooking!!