Jun 14, 2018

Memorial Day Weekend

As I mentioned before we went straight from last day of preschool pick up to the beach!  This is the second year in a row we have done this and I love starting off summer time with a few days at the beach.  We went to Kiawah Island and rented a condo for 4 nights right on the beach.  I made summer surprise baskets for the twins!  I didn't get a before picture of the cute presentation, but you can kind of see some of the goodies in this pic.  Mostly new bathing suits, pjs, stickers, learning activities, pool toys, bandaids, sunglasses, accessories and snacks!  
 We were on the beach by 4 and I packed our dinner before heading out of town so that we could stay out until bedtime!  In their summer surprise baskets Ellie got a barbie pool and mermaid and Bobo got some Sea Patrol toys.  I love how they figure out a way to play with their toys together.  Ellie invited the Paw Patrol Pups over for a pool party!
 I think this picture says it all!!!  Although we absolutely LOVED our spring break trip to Iceland, we have all been craving the beach big time!
The next morning the boys played golf and Ellie got to pick what we did.  She wanted to dance on the beach and pick up seashells...she literally danced along the waters edge for 45 min!

 Then I taught her how to make a drip castle.
She adores her brother and being a twin, but soaks in every minute of her quality one-on-one time.
 Then she wanted to go shopping and get some coffee/smoothies.  She loves trying on clothes!  She put on over 10 dresses, but I only let her buy 2.  Then we went and picked up sandwiches for all four of us to eat on the beach for lunch. 
 Ellie played "photographer" for a while!
 Sometimes at the beach tide pools are hit or miss...well we hit the jackpot this trip!  I swear they lasted almost all day!

On Fridays in Kiawah there is a band and live music so we showered and went out to dinner before the fun started. 
 I swear she is his mini-me.

Of course this wild one was non stop dancing to the live beach music!
Most mornings started with bike rides on the beach.  We learned to not go too far away from our condo the first day.  Kids were exhausted and kept stopping to go for a quick swim.  The rest of the trip we would pace ourselves a little better and stay somewhat close to the condo in case they tired out.  Overall they loved that we brought their bikes!

 Ryan got a lot of fun beach fishing gear for his birthday and was eager to try it out!

 All Ellie wanted to do was be buried in the sand....I swear we buried her 15 times over 5 days.
Most days we either ate at the local sandwich place for lunch or got food to go!  It was nice to either get out of the sun for a lunch break or come up few hours for an activity. 

 Ryan was excited to bring his glove and ball to play catch with Bobo.  We even attempted a little family baseball game for a while!

 I will say this was the most active year on the beach.  Not that the twins were harder, but in years past we kind of sat in beach chairs while they played.  This year was constant entertainment.  They wanted to venture out further in the water and build big drip castles, play restaurant with creative sand food and go for walks.  I loved every second of it, but sometimes missed the lazy beach days when a shovel and shell could entertain them haha!
 I swear every year someone sees me taking pictures of the kids with Ryan and comes over to offer to take a family picture. 
 Tide pools and turtle rides!
 We normally limit the sweets in our house, but not on vacation.  Ryan got one of each cookie at the bakery and let them eat cookies before dinner on our last night.
 We went earlier in the day to the local farm stand and got Mahi-mahi (Bobo's favorite) and some shrimp.  It was pouring outside and it was so fun to pour a cocktail, turn up some beach music, cook as a family, have a big meal, play cards and listen to the rain. 
After a big seafood dinner and few card games the kids snuggled up and watched a movie.  I wonder sometimes what memories or special activities they will remember and cherish.  I remember the beach house we rented growing up had a hammock on a screen porch.  Random, but now every time I see a hammock it brings me back. 
 After a beach bike ride, breakfast and showers we loaded up to head home.  On our way home Monday we spent the day in Charleston. 
 The twins loved the colorful buildings, constant stops for snacks and shopping!  We even caved and went for a ride in the bike taxi per Bobo's request. 

This was just one of several long weekends away with this summer!  Ryan has a very busy summer with work and I am so grateful we were able to get away to kick off the summer together!  During the year I feel like we cram so many activities into our lives and during the summer it is so nice to slow down, recharge and make memories.  Can't wait for lazy mornings, our kitchen renovation and late nights barefoot in the backyard!

Jun 11, 2018

Last week of preschool

I have been dreading this day for a while.  I can feel my emotions at the surface every time I think about preschool being over.  Well it is and we survived! I swear I cried everyday the final week.  I love 99% of the things that come along with having twins.  The one thing I don't like is when a phase of life is over...its over.  There is no "Well I still have one in preschool"...no when one is done, they are both done! 

This picture was taken that week when they had dress up day in their class.  I told them they could wear whatever they wanted and they came down dressed alike which made my mama heart so happy.
 In an effort to make the last week happy and not sad I took them to the library one day after school and to get frozen yogurt another day. 
I walk them in most days (even though they can do carpool drop off).  I love seeing them walk down halls together, greet their friends and of course getting one last hug goodbye.  I think they are going to miss Henry and Caroline the most next year!
 On their last day of preschool I made them a special breakfast and gave them graduation caps and these books signed by Ryan and I.

 I still remember their first day of preschool when I took their picture on this exact step. 
 I love how they have grown together in this special place.  I love their teachers and friends there.  I love watching them hold hands into school each day.  I know next year will be amazing and I am so excited for them, but I will always have a special place in my heart for their preschool years.
 In anticipation of me going into a deep depression, Ryan planned a beach trip directly from pick up on the last day....Best.Idea.Ever.