Jul 28, 2014

Air Planes!

Air Planes!!!!!  Charlotte Douglas Airport has an overlook area where you can watch air planes land and take off.  We took the kids to have an afternoon snack and see the action up close!
 We own the movie Planes and both kids love it!  Ellie also loves her plane toys!

 Lots and lots of wide eyes and pointing!

Love these two and seeing the world through their young eyes:)

Jul 25, 2014

White Water Center

I love living in a big city and having so many fun things to do!  We checked off another summer bucket list activity today.  There is a White Water Center about 15 minutes from our house with lots of fun activities to do.  Obviously the twinkies are too young to participate....but not too young to watch and enjoy!  Ryan and I took my little brother Jake to the White Water Center a few years ago and had a blast zip lining .  They are currently building a Biergarten and several other fun attractions (so excuse the construction in the background of some of my pics).

We could actually get very close to the water and the kids were mesmerized by the rafts and all the activity.
We watched the ropes corse and zip line for a while too.

 We had lunch at the grill and Graham made himself comfortable:)

 We split a yummy salad and buffalo chicken nachos!

I can't wait to go back!  Maybe a no-kids trip so we can partake in some of the activities.  I could tell Ryan really wanted to jump in one of the rafts and cool off!

Jul 23, 2014

Sunday Funday!

Sunday was a little overcast so we headed uptown to look for trains, buses and firetrucks (Graham's new favorite things).  We first stopped at the market on 7th street for coffee.  They have the BEST coffee!  While Ryan went in to order we watched a few trains go by.

 Then we walked around and let the kids get out at the next train stop where we luckily saw a fire truck go by...score!
 We had plans to try out a new pizza place, but it was closed on Sundays so we ended up at fuel. They have good gluten free pizza.  G ate it great and once again ellie wouldn't eat it.

 We went home for a good nap and then played some golf with the twins new "real" golf clubs!
 Graham likes to clap for his Daddy when he hits the ball.
 Ellie likes to hit the ball with Daddy too!
 We are trying to get the twins to eat what we are eating for dinner to make it easier on me!  Tonight we had flank steak and they had chicken, but in the same marinade.  We also tried out some rice.  They love watching Ryan grill.

 They loved the rice so we will have to make more of that in our weekly meals!
 Then we all had ice cream.  Ryan and I had our served with gluten free double chocolate chip cookies and the twins had healthy popsicles!

 Ellie almost ate the entire thing!!  She must have a sweet tooth like me.
I love Sunday Fun Days!

Jul 18, 2014

1st Trip to the Zoo!

Ryan has been taking more and more Fridays off.  They say dentist don't work on Fridays and he always has...but hopefully he will not be for long!  He had today off so we decided to take full advantage and take the kids to the zoo.  At the beginning of the summer we made a summer bucket list and the zoo made the list!  We left first thing when the twins woke up and got to the zoo right when it opened at 9am.  We read a lot of books about animals and it was so fun to see the twins faces when they realized the animals we were talking about!
 Sea Lions were swimming and playing together!
 The Polar Bear put on a nice show!

 "That...that....that!"  G was loving all the animals!
 There was a short version of the Rio movie 4D playing.  G made it for about 1 min....E loved it and stayed the whole time with the glasses on of course!

 G also wouldn't ride the carousel....but you know E loved it!

 The elephant was so close to us!

 The kids loved the giraffee!

 After the zoo we stopped by The Table for lunch and some caffeine!
 G and E loved the hummus!

 The ride home was going great until about 15 min away from home.  They were so tired and ready for a good nap!  We looked back and G was crying and E was using her head rest to cover her ears! hahaha!
So glad we got such good weather and were able to go as a family and see all the amazing animals and creatures at the zoo.  Next on our summer bucket list....the airport to watch planes!