Apr 29, 2014

Swim Lessons

Ryan and I love being outdoors and in the water so we decided to start the twins young with swim lessons!  We obviously don't expect them to swim at the end of these lessons, but just want to get them used to the water!

 Here is G "swimming" to the balls!
 He actually loves water on his head and blowing bubbles.
 E enjoys jumping off the side of the pool into our hands.  She is also the splasher!

 Waiting for our turn in the water:)

We are taking the lessons in the Noda area, which is fun because there are lots of fun places to walk to after.  We have gone to Cabo Fish Taco a few times.

 So happy all four of us love the water and Mexican!!

 They are always exhausted after swim!
Glad we made the decision to start them young in the water!  We are looking forward to lots of time at the pool, lake and beach this summer!!!

Apr 21, 2014

Happy Easter

We have had such an amazing day celebrating the resurrection of Jesus with family and friends!  We started the morning off with a visit from the Easter bunny!  He brought Graham and Ellie beach toys, balls, DVDs, crocs, silver monogrammed rattles, trucks, new loves and beach bonnet/hats!

Ellie even got a tutu:)
And this adorable bonnet!

Then we ate a quick breakfast and headed to church.  The music and sermon were amazing.  We came home and took a quick morning nap before family arrived for brunch.
Mimi and Pop brought the twins some Easter goodies too! They got bunny puppets, monogrammed snack pouches and beach wear!
For brunch I served salad, scalloped potatoes, ham and carrot cake.  I worked pretty hard on my carrot cake, but was so excited about the way it turned out!

Bloody Mary Bar

Here is my attempt at bunny napkins hah!
The twins thought they were so cool sitting in the dinning room with us!

We enjoyed the nice weather!

We even got to play with a bunch of neighbors before dinner!  So happy this nice spring weather is back!

Apr 16, 2014

CCC Easter Egg Hunt

Our sweet friends, The Lees, invited us to Charlotte Country Club's Easter Egg Hunt last night!  It poured and was a little chilly so they had to move the festivities indoors, but we still had an amazing night!  Twins would not smile(woke them up from nap to get ready), but were so sweet and angelic looking in this pic:)
 Here is the kids buffet.  It was even short so they could reach!
 The amazing decorate your own dessert table!
 Graham thought he was so cool walking around!
 Ellie, Ridley and Graham patiently waiting for the under 2's hunt to begin.
 And they are off!!!

 I was shocked that they caught on to the concept of collecting eggs in their basket quickly!
 Adam and Andy had a basket full!!!
 Then the ice cream truck came to visit!
 Graham liked it a lot this time!
He didn't really want to share with his sister either hah!
 So happy to have Uncle Andy to help out with these two!
Thanks again for inviting us Lees!  We had a blast!!!

Apr 14, 2014

Masters Weekend

Our Masters Weekend started Thursday night when Ryan got home from work.  We headed to the park to meet some friends and then headed to dinner!

 The twins still love to swing!

Ellie and Graham had their first Popsicle.   King of Pops has all natural and unique ingredients which we love!  Graham took a few licks and wasn't interested....Ellie LOVED it.  She definitely has my sweet tooth!

On Friday Ryan went to the masters with his brother and our good friend Andy.  I hung out with the two rascals all day!  Ellie is showing off her "cheese" in this pic:)

Ellie decided it would be fun to constantly throw her lovie (which she has to have to sleep) out of her crib and cry until I went in to give it back to her.  Lets just say she didn't nap and only let Graham nap for a short 30 min.  My kids are great sleepers so lack of naps was not fun!  I can usually handle anything, but I was spent by the time Ryan got home at night and feel asleep on the couch!  On a different note, Graham thinks its fun to take out Ellie's bow and attempt to put it in his hair:)
They also often hold hands!  Moments like these make me really love the bond of siblings and especially twins.
On Saturday we went to celebrate our good friend Jame's first birthday!
We did a little egg hunting, eating and had lots of fun in the sun!

Brian, James, Jennifer and Clark!
Brian and Ryan grew up together in Charlotte and Jennifer and I were college sorority sisters/roommates.  Love that our kids have been friends since birth!
Graham, James, Walker and Clark.
Me, Jennifer and Alice.
We went home and took a good nap.  Then we ran to the grocery store to grab some things for a cookout.  The weather was so nice we decided to try some outdoor water fun!  The kids wanted to play in the water, but took them a while to actually get in.

This water fun actually lasted a long time.  All you moms know how you spend 20 min setting up an activity for the kids to play with for 5 min!  So glad this was worth the effort!
We have been trying to feed the kids what we are eating more these days.  Here is their hamburger, corn and watermelon.
They love eating outside.

Sunday we went to another Easter Egg hunt at our sweet neighbors house.

Tiffany was an amazing host!  One of my favorite parts was this bloody mary bar!
Ellie liked the pink car.  Love playing with different toys at friends houses!
We ran into this amazing family that we were in the NICU with and got to bring both our twins home on the same day about a year ago.  So fun catching up with them and reminiscing on an adventurous first year!
We went home and made some egg salad since I didn't get a chance to eat one at the Masters this year.  Then Ryan let me join Rachel in a shopping spree girls day!!!!
Rachel and I met back up with the boys at the Lee's where we fed the kids, watched the end of the Masters and played on their putting green.

Ryan bought this adorable outfit for Ellie on Friday at the Masters and Rachel and Andy bought Graham his on Saturday!

Sweet little Ryan.
and Adam
Graham loved the flag!
Graham has take a few steps here and there, but he actually walked here!!!! We were so proud!!! So appropriate on Masters Sunday with a golf club in his hand on a putting green:)
I am exhausted, but have to recovery quickly because we have an extra fun Easter week ahead!!!