Feb 20, 2015

1st official trip to the dentist!

The past two weeks have been really hard for our family.  We lost two people we love and have all been sick...throw in a power outage and more sickness and well you can see how that would be a hard two weeks!  We are trying to get back to our routine and just soak up the joy these two kids bring to our lives.  I swear this age is pure happiness.  Everything they do is an adventure and seeing the world through their innocence is a daily gift.  One recent "adventure" was going to see Daddy Dentist for the first time!  We read books and played with gloves while we waited for Daddy!

Ellie was up first!  She kept smiling at her Daddy...her look was a mix between "Daddy why are you wearing those funny glasses?" and "Daddy I am so proud of you".  She truly loves and admires her Dad!

Next up was Bobo.  He was not as into it(just wanted to brush his teeth with his new toothbrush), but was still a great patient and cavity free!

After a clean bill of health,and a melt down because they didn't want to leave Daddy's office, we had lunch at Chick-fil-A!
Dental themed outfits just don't exist so I got Ellie a bow for the special first trip to the dentist!

So proud of these two and especially proud of their Daddy Dentist:)