Jun 25, 2012

Jake comes to visit!

We have had a jam-packed 4 days!  My little brother Jake came to visit us in Charlotte.  He has been asking to come...by himself...to visit since we moved over a year ago.  I went to pick him up Thursday morning and it was non-stop fun until he left a few hours ago:)  
Knights Game Thursday...
Jake was a huge help in the kitchen and was very adventurous in trying new foods!  He really liked eating on our outside dining table:)
Fun day at the pool....we played cards, went down the slide, ate lunch, played ping pong and played in the pool!
White Water Center to go down the Zip Line...
Played lots of board games...
Spent an entire day on the boat at Lake Norman...
We finished the night off with S'mores and a movie!
On our last morning together Jake wanted French Toast and Bacon because he recently learned to make French Toast...
The moment Jake left the house felt so empty and quiet...I am already thinking of things for us to do the next time he comes to visit...hope its soon!!!  Love and miss you Jake!

Jun 8, 2012

Rebecca's Wedding Weekend

Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. William Walker!!!  We spent last weekend celebrating William and Rebecca.  Rebecca and I met in 1st grade and have remained close friends since.  She is like family to me and I couldn't be happier for her to start a new chapter with a man she loves:)
To start off the weekend I attended the Bridesmaid Luncheon.
We played the cutest game.  There were brown bags stapled shut on the counter, and each bag contained an kitchen utensil item that went with a letter of their name.  You had to guess what was in each bag... Lots of fun!
Next we went to the salon to get mani/pedis...then rehearsal time! (not sure if you can tell, but little Ryan was the ring bearer and ran down the isle at rehearsal....too cute!)
The rehearsal dinner was a country theme with sunflowers, mason jars as wine glasses, a pig and a square dance instructor!
I didn't take a ton of picture because I spent most of the night learning to square dance:)  Rachel and I spent the night with Rebecca (a tradition at all of our weddings:)  We woke up the next day to perfect weather and lots of excitement!!  I made some trail mix and water bottles for us while we were getting ready.

Rebecca gave us all robes with our monogram.  

After the wedding we were all ready to kick off our heels and dance the night away!

There were props for group photos, meet the maids table and Krispy Kream donuts for you to take home at the end of the night!
Although we had lots of fun dancing, there was one dance we were super excited about.  We kept it a secret until the song came on, but Rachel, Rebecca and I made up a dance to Party Rock Anthem and had custom made matching high tops on!  The photographer got great pics, but this is the only one I have:)

Congrats to you both!!!!