May 27, 2014

Family Beach Pictures

My bonus mom is an amazing photographer.  I think this would actually be her dream job!  She took advantage of a beautiful morning on the beach and took some amazing pics of our family for us while we were at Bald Head last weekend!
 This might be my favorite pic:)
 Sweet sandy toes!

 Love her kisses!
 So mad I forgot to take off my hair tie in these pics!

 My handsome boys!
 It truly doesn't get any sweeter than this!

 He loves his daddy.

 My three favorite people in the whole world!

Love having these amazing pictures to capture this sweet stage and memorable beach trip!

Bald Head and Memorial Day Weekend

We are just getting home and unpacking and recuperating from a long weekend in Bald Head with my family.  Every time we see my family it seems like it is rushed so it was nice to spend a few days at the beach together.
The weeks leading up to the trip were full of anxiety over the car and ferry ride.  Our kids hate the car and this would be the longest trip we had ever attempted.  I asked all my mommy friends for tips and advice.  I spent lots of time and money buying new toys, snacks, dvd and entertainment for the ride.  We decided to get up and go.  We woke the kids up early and put them directly into the car.  I gave them milk and breakfast in the car.  This was the best idea for us.  Our kids are happy in the morning, but not great car sleepers.   A lot of people suggested leaving at nap time, but this has back fired for us in the past.   So thankful they did so well in the car this time!!
Graham fell asleep to Chugginton:)
 Ellies favorite new toy was the doodle sketch!
No cars are aloud of the island so you park your car, unload all your stuff and take a ferry over.  The ferry ride to Bald Head was a huge hit!!!!

 Lots of pointing to boats and birds!
 The kids loved the beach too!
 Ellie ate about a pound of sand the first day.  Poor thing had a few issues that night, but we kept her away from eating sand the rest of the trip.  I was actually worried she wouldn't like getting dirty and being in the sand....who would have known she would love it so much she ate it by the handful???
 We took all our baths outdoors with daddy!

 Bald Head doesn't have cars so we had to take golf carts everywhere.  Ellie was a handful on the golf cart, but Graham loved it!

 More beach time with the fam!

 These two spent a lot of time in the water!

 The first night we made a low country boil for dinner.  Love these two goof balls!

 Day two beach day was gorgeous and so fun!  We brought lots of snacks to fill Ellie up so she wouldn't eat sand again.
 The biggest hit was a whole we dug and filled with water.  They loved it!

 We did a drive by the light house.
 We made Mexican with a festive Memorial Day table setting night two!
 I played lots of games with these little guys!

 snack time again!

 She was so happy on the beach!!!
 We walked ALOT!  These two just wanted to hold our hands and walk around the beach:)

 During nap time each day we would run to the grocery store and ice cream shop.  The amazing ice cream shop had "Spiked Shakes"  we had lots of these guys!
 These two were so sweet together.  They are becoming best friends.  Ellie loves to give him hugs:)
 Ellie has also started constantly sticking out her tongue!  Its so cute!
 We got stuck going home on the 7:30 AM ferry home....not a great way to end a vacation, but these three were troopers!
 They again loved the ferry!!!

Car ride home was not as easy as the ride up (probably had to do with the early wake up and having to hold them/stroller for over an hour before putting them in the car), but still not as bad as it could have been.  These glasses kept her entertained for a while:)

Bald Head provided beautiful weather and a great chance for us to catch up and spend time as a family.  So thankful for two beach loving babies!!!!  Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day!!!