Jan 28, 2013

Bless our Nest Shower

I had my second baby shower this weekend and the theme was "Bless their Nest".  Although we had a winter weather situation and several guest couldn't make it due to icy roads, it was still a huge success!
The shower was hosted by my Mother-in-law's friends and they did such an amazing job.
Me with all the wonderful hosts. 
Nest cupcakes....delicious! 

Ryan's Grandmother gave us the twins baby books which are hand done and sold at the cutest local store Fancy Pants. 

Me with Ryan's mom.
Look who showed up at the end to say hey and help me load up the car! We are both so blessed and thankful for all our wonderful family and friends for showering our two little ones with such thoughtful gifts:)
These ladies thought of everything from sparkling cider and champagne when we arrived to these adorable egg soaps as the take away gift.
Thanks again to everyone for making this day so special and blessing our nest.

Jan 23, 2013

Atlanta for NFC Championship!

Right after my shower last weekend we (Ryan, Rachel and I) headed to Atlanta to cheer on the 49ers in the NFC Championship!!!!  Last year Ryan and I went out to San Fran for the NFC Championship and Rachel was pregnant...this year it was my turn!
Four Londry's cheering on #4!!
The theme for the niners was "Quest for Six" so I couldn't resist this next pic:)

Since the game was in Atlanta and so close to family and friends, we had a big crowd cheering Andy and the Niners on!  Wish it was a home crowd, but we still cheered really loud!
We all had tattoos and red lipstick in support of the 49ers!
Zac Brown Band sang the national anthem.
Andy had a great game!   The first punt was over 60 yards!!!!
The game was very intense and came down to the final seconds!!!
Andy had to punt with just seconds left....needless to say we were all on our feet and hearts racing!
The niners won!!!!! Lots of hugs, high fives and tears of joy!!!!
We got to see Andy for a few minutes after the game!
I even met a few really nice players and attempted to get my pic made with Randy Moss.  The camera took the pic in the middle of us talking about me being pregnant so its a terrible pic, but I still had to share:)
Now we are busy making plans to travel to New Orleans, LA to cheer on the 49ers in the Super Bowl!!!!!!!

Jan 21, 2013

Noah's Ark Shower

This past weekend I had my first baby shower!  Can't believe it is already this time during my pregnancy when I am having showers!  The theme was Noah's Ark 2 by 2 and my friends did such an amazing job!!!
It is so fun to see all the matching pink and blue clothes and gear!  Seeing their names and monograms is so sweet.
Here is me with all the sweet hosts!  I am so blessed to have so many wonderful friends.
My Charlotte friends and the best neighbors :)
My college roomies.  There are 5 babies between 4 of us at the same time.  Can't wait to see these sweet little ones grow up together.  Although we are now all spread out all of the Carolinas, these friendships still mean so much to me.
Me and Marilyn!  We were friends before I even started at State and would not have made it through college without her:)  She just had a baby a month ago and is such an amazing mommy and friend.
The hosts gave me some adorable matching outfits, lots of monogramed goodies, my monitor and this adorable giraffe!
And of course the take away gift which were these adorable chocolates in the shape of different animals and a Noah's Ark book that all the guests signed.  I can't wait to read this precious story to the twins!
Thanks again to all my friends and family who traveled from all over to celebrate Graham and Ellie.  They are both so lucky to have you all in their lives.