May 31, 2016

Last day of school!

Last week the twins had their last day of school in the 2's class.  I am so excited to have lazy mornings, lots of playtime with them and not have to rush to be somewhere every day, but I am going to miss this class and the teachers so much!  This year they went 3 days a week for 3 hours.  I know thats not a lot of time, but I still missed them so much!
Ms Ally and Ms Anne are seriously the sweetest and most loving teachers!  Ellie is already asking if they came come to our house to play because she misses them so much.
They made a binder for each kid in the class that had pictures of them at school throughout the entire year followed by laminated art work, a survey of questions they let each kid answer and this poem that had me in tears.
There was a pizza party on the playground and I loved seeing the kids together celebrating a fun year.

 Ellie and Henry have such a sweet bond.
 And these four just make life so much fun!

 As we left school for the last time this year these four held hands all the way to our car.
I can't believe this year is over and my kids will be in the 3 year old class in a few months.  I love seeing them learn and grow, but also wish time would slow down just a little bit!  We are busy now working on our summer bucket list!

May 30, 2016

Memorial Day weekend

We are winding down after a long fun Memorial Day Weekend!  We started our weekend off at Ryan's parents lake house.  The kids are finally at an age where they can kind of roam free and enjoy it all!

 Ellie loved helping Pop on the grill (in her tutu of course).
 We took lots of boat rides in between swimming and eating.
 The twins still love to help drive the boat.

 This combo of a bow, life jacket, dress and tutu was cracking us all up!
 Love this opinionated crazy girl to pieces.

 We let the twins stay up late and the next day they were tired but still so sweet.  Graham would sit in your lap and read for hours if you are willing.
Before putting on bathing suits and jumping back in the water we all got in the kitchen.  This is a family that loves to cook.  Ryan made us a big breakfast and Uncle Jared prepped lunch.  He was cutting an onion and borrowed Bobo's goggles....the twins thought this was hilarious.
 This is the best pic I could get of me with least they are happy!
 Off and on the entire weekend every time someone would take out a kayak or paddle board, the twins would ask to jump in or on to ride!

We took the twins out on their first tube ride!
 The first attempt sunk and we all fell in and got soaked, but round two we went a little faster and stayed up.  The kiddos loved this so much!
 Next Ryan wake boarded and it was so funny watching the twins watch him.  Ellie said at the end "Daddy that was so cool, you looked like a super hero!"

 Ellie adores Aunt Catherine!
 Afternoon Kayak rides before lunch....
 Ryan was constantly fishing...just like at home!
 After lunch we ate some healthy popsicles!
 Long naps and an afternoon back in the water.
 These two love all the attention and have a blast together.
I think the highlight of the weekend was "king of the float".  Sooooo many giggles and belly laughs over pushing everyone off the float!
 Bobo kept wanting to "slash the girls"
Appetizers, followed by a yummy dinner. 
 Followed by fishing, a fire and family games.
 On our last morning we fed the fish some crusty stale bread and had a big breakfast before the rain came and we headed home.
 Mimi even let us pic purple and blue flowers to take home.
I can't believe I didn't get a picture, but Catherine brought her dog and the twins were obsessed with Olivia by the end of the kids are normally terrified of dogs so this was so fun to watch!
Today we took kids to the Club for the Memorial Day Party.  We played lots of outdoor games, danced to a live band and had dinner to end this fun weekend!
 These two worked hard for their "special treat"!
 Ryan was blowing bubbles with his gum on the ride home and it was cracking the twins up!  Wish I would have taken a video to capture these sweet laughs, but at least I got a cute pic!