Jul 20, 2017

4th weekend fun!

July 4th weekend started off with some much needed family time at home.  We enjoyed being outdoors and cooking Friday and Saturday.  It rained off and on, but then this happened Saturday night.  A rainbow followed by a beautiful sunset.  I always love our house, but nights like this I have to just pinch myself.  
Sunday morning we drove to my in laws lake house for a few days.

Ellie just makes herself right at home haha! 

It took Bobo a little while to warm up to the dock and lake water, but once he did he was non stop!

As much as Ellie is the leader between these two, Bobo is definitely the driver!
Kiddos love their Mimi and Pop.

We took the boat out a lot and spent most of the time jumping off the dock and playing with all the toys out there.
This picture cracks me up....Ryan wanting to be adventurous and get a work out in....me being lazy and sitting on the front:)

We boated to dinner one night and drank a pitcher of the most incredible cucumber jalapeno margaritas.
We drove home and had ice cream cookie sandwiches outdoors before bed.

Our trip to the lake was only a few days, but we tried to cram in as many activities as possible.
Both Ellie and Graham love tubbing!  Thankfully Pop and Ryan took turns doing this.

Ellie helped me make a chocolate chip cookie brownie with festive M&M's on top! She looks so proud and Graham looks like "why the picture...can we just eat it?"
I knew it would rain a little while we were there so I brought a few games and activities to occupy the twins inside.  This "road tape" from the $1 isle at Target was well worth the money!

The last day was the 4th and the weather was perfect!
Ryan had to work the next day so we went home for naps and woke up to a neighbor setting off fireworks over the pond.  We hopped in the boat and got a little festive with some sparklers before bed.
Hope everyone had a safe and fun 4th!

Jul 6, 2017

summer fun

Our summer days have been filled with yummy food, sunscreen covered kids and loads of fun!  My kids are great eaters so we constantly challenge ourselves to cook new recipes so they don't get used to the same foods.  I grew up where we had tacos, pizza, pasta, chicken and repeated it the next week.  Luckily when I became an adult I started trying new foods and found joy in cooking!  I hope they will always love food and trying new recipes too!  We each chose a dish last week...me an arugula, grape, lemon zest pizza with ricotta cheese, Ellie picked a watermelon, feta, mint salad with balsamic and Bobo a new kind of meat and cheese for an app.  They loved it all! 
Another good new meal was this mustard chicken, our "P" salad (pesto, peas, parm and pistachios) and a yellow watermelon gazpacho!  Kids loved every bite!

 We have officially become pool rats!
 It is so funny to see these four together because almost always Henry and Ellie play and Bobo and Caroline play.  The boys basically just switch sisters!
 I have been taking the kids to a cooking class one Saturday morning a month.  They absolutely love this!

 We have done a few camps including an all sports camp with tennis, golf and swimming.

 They mostly love lazy mornings where they can play in their pjs!
 The pond is absolutely beautiful this time of year.  The sunsets make the sky look like cotton candy!
 Lots and lots of boat rides and fishing as well.

 More playdates and trips to the library!

 Food truck Fridays!

Checking off bucket list items! Shaved Ice and running errands with me (since I normally do things like trips to the farmers market and target alone, they love to come along).

We got to see the Knights baseball team win and enjoyed traditional ballpark food!
 My kids are like me...hot dogs aren't their fav, but they tried it!

Before Ellie's sweet friend Caroline left for the summer she brought her a friendship necklace.  I had to document this because I never want to forget it!

 I have signed each kid up for a camp alone.  This has never happens, with twins they never do solo activities and I never get one on one time.  So Ellie did ballet camp this week and Bobo and I got to do day dates and playdates all week long!
 He is such a mamas boy so he soaked up every minute!

 Of course Ellie was thrilled to spend an entire week dancing!
 Front and center of course!

I have perfected my lemon pie with coconut macaroon crust!
 More lazy days watching cartoons and snuggling together.
We have also been busy checking stuff off our summer bucket list like lemonade stand!
We have lots more to come and have barely put a dent on our bucket list!  I just love life and adventures with these two sweet kiddos!