Oct 1, 2018


I still can't wrap my head around the fact that I have two Kindergarteners!!!!  They have been in school three weeks now and we are settling into our new routine and loving our new school!!! 
There are so many things I want to remember and document about the start of this new adventure.  First it is the twins first time being apart.  Besides a few activities like dance and t-ball, they have never done anything apart.  Even in those activities they are there supporting each other.  So this was a big change for all of us.  As the first day of school got closer and closer they started to realize that they were not going to be in the same class and started to get a little nervous/sad.  Ellie kept saying "why are you doing this to us?"  One day we were out running errands and Bobo saw a heart shaped locket (he is constantly trying to buy Ellie gifts) and begged to buy it for Ellie.  The next day we realized it opened up and he asked to put pictures of himself in it so if she missed him at school she could look at him.  I mean talk about melting a mamas heart!!!
 I will admit I cried...alot the first week of school.  They luckily never saw it and I was deep down so so excited for them, but two at once is hard.  One thing that got me through the week was the fact that the teachers send multiple pictures and videos everyday and that I volunteer for so much I end up being at school several times a week!
Also being on his own has really changed this sweet boy.  He has such a sense of self now and is much more talkative and confident.  I think Ellie has always protected him and he has kind of followed her for the most part.  
The first week of school he was very quiet and kept to himself.  I was pretty worried about him making friends without his wing man(Ellie), but week two he met the sweetest little boy and they have been inseparable since!
When people ask him about Kindergarten he says "I love it. And I have a best friend named Bennett."
 I love that they are making so many sweet friends.


 We have felt so welcomed and loved.  One of the reasons we chose this school for the twins was because all the kids seemed to genuinely love school.  What a gift to give your child, an environment where they will love to learn and be loved by those teaching them.  When I introduce myself to a member of the faculty they always hear my last name and they either know one of the kids names or say "you have twins in Kindergarten right?"  They truly all care about not only the kids, but the entire family.  It makes me want to go back to Kindergarten haha!
I also love that these two get to see each other alot.  First of all he walks her to class every single morning.  They have PE everyday together as well as recess.  Often they get to see each other walking around campus and at lunchtime.  The teachers say Ellie always yells "Hey Bobo and waves excitedly".  I hope they remain close and always have each others backs, but flourish in their own way.