Oct 21, 2015

Go Hornets!

Ryan and I have season tickets to the Hornets Basketball games.  We share 4 seats with a few couples and rarely get all 4 seats.  When we found out we had all 4 to the preseason game Monday night we knew right away who we would invite....the twins!  They love sports and we knew they would love to finally go to a game!  We met Ryan after work to ride the train to dinner before the game.
 We arrived at the arena early and they had all kinds of activities going on.  A group of guys let the kids dunk a basketball!
 They kept cheering loudly for Ellie and she was loving the attention!
We met some Honey Bees!
The funniest part is as we walked to our seats (which are three rows up from the court) Ellie said "No I want to sit down there"...she meant court side.  Man these kids are spoiled haha!

 Both kids were starving so they basically ate and cheered the entire time.
 Every once in a while I would look over and see these three in a sports coma!
 The high light of the evening was dancing to get on "TV" and Ellie has not stopped talking about it!
 The next morning Graham and I were talking about games and he was so confused..."Mommy what we like?  Go NC State? Go Pack? Go Panthers? Go Hornets?" I tried to explain, but just ended up saying we like them all!

Oct 20, 2015

Pumpkin Patch

Our annual trip to the pumpkin patch started with us going to our traditional patch only to discover they now open at 1 on Sundays and not 10!  So we drove in the opposite direction to the only other patch open early on Sundays.  Although we missed getting all our traditional pictures we had the best time visiting a new place!
Love how these pictures make Ellie look taller, but I promise that is not the case.  Graham is growing like a weed!
I am getting spoiled lately with getting to see these two girls so much and I love it!

They had a large slide that Ellie loved!  She would get to the bottom, give us a high five and go again!
Graham and Ellie have been constantly holding hands lately.  They are also usually singing "We're off to see the Wizard" from the movie Wizard of OZ!
This is normally what happens when I ask for a picture....Graham smiles and looks away and Ellie yells "Chhheeesssee"
Ellie loved all the pumpkins that were small enough for her to pick up.
I adore this sweet group and just love all the memories we have made over the last 4 years.  Hope we keep this tradition up for another 15 years!
Look who got Carter to hold her hand....young love!
We took a hay ride around the property and got to see all the pumpkins, corn maze and strawberry field.

Here is my very talented friend Holly balancing a pumpkin on her head!  The kids thought this was hilarious.
Graham is so sweet and kept wanting to give Carter hugs.
Then Ellie wanted some attention so she joined in.
Lucy and Ellie!
Even though we had to change our plans (and I am a planner who normally doesn't like change) the new pumpkin patch was so fun and we now have what feels like 50 pumpkins so looks like our next activity will be to carve them!

Oct 18, 2015

Neighborhood block party!

Even though we are only moving a mile down he road I am going to miss this neighborhood.  This weekend some neighbors organized some food trucks, ice cream truck and a movie once it got dark!

We had a great turn out...this picture does not show how many people were really there, but we think around 160!  These are a few of my fav girls in the hood!
The ice cream truck was a big success!  The only down side was it got chilly once it got dark and ice cream would not have been my number one sweet choice in that cold, but it didn't seem to bother the kids at all!
 The twinkies were super excited about the minion ice creams!
Around 7 it started getting dark and the Harrell's set up a movie projector on their garage with Minions playing!
 These two wanted a front row seat next to the snack table:)

I am still in shock that many kids sat still for a movie!  Overall it was such a fun night!  Love my neighbors and truly believe its one of the best in Charlotte!
 Both Graham and Ellie crashed the minute we got home!  I love fun family nights like these!

Pumpkins Part 1

October is a buy travel month for us and this is our only weekend at home as a family so we jammed in a ton of activities!  Friday after naps we headed to the local farmers market to buy our pumpkins!  Are we the only ones that buy our pumpkins at the market before going to a pumpkin patch??  We learned the hard way that its not easy keeping up with two active kids and carrying a 15 pound pumpkin so we buy in advance!
She took pumpkin picking very seriously....
 Ryan told the kids he would buy it if they could pick it up....they accepted the challenge!
 Found some cute pumpkins they could pick up!
 Now time to get some fresh mums!
 This is the face of a little girl who won the color choice of the mums....I wanted yellow, but she wanted purple!
They are super excited about carving a jack-o-lantern, but these little painted pumpkins are a current household favorite!