Feb 22, 2018

My 3 loves!

 I adore my three Valentines and love any opportunity to show them!  On Valentines morning I woke up and made the kids lunch, which included heart shaped food.  I was so inspired I decide to spell L-O-V-E with their breakfast too!
 The week before we spent some time making their Valentines for school.  Ellie chose unicorn erasers and this cute card that said "Wishing you a magical Valentines Day!"
 Bobo picked the sticky heart guys and his said "i'm stuck on you Valentine xo Bobo"
 I signed up to bring the Valentine treat for their class exchange and stayed and had lunch with them.
 I love how excited they get when I come to school!
 After naps the twins had their golf lessons so Ryan joined us and we played (he played and I drove the cart) 9 holes together while they had their lesson. 
 I will take some quality time with this guy whenever I can get it.  We also have date night on Thursday nights, so the following night he took me out for a proper night out!
 Ryan gets Ellie flowers every year, just like my dad used to!

For dinner the kids helped us make veal saltimbocca and green beans.  We spent the night outside on the porch and even went for a quick boat ride.  The weather here has been gorgeous and we have taken full advantage of it!!

Feb 7, 2018

Celebrating our other favorite twins!

We recently went on our second annual trip to Chester Hunting lodge to celebrate Henry and Caroline turning 5!!!  We made a stop at Nichols Store for some gear and live bait!

 The kids love sleepovers and being with each other until they fall asleep and first thing when they wake up.
 Mr. John had the guns ready bright and early the next day.  They set up explosive targets for kids to aim at.
 Before this pic he said "Mommy take of picture of me with my girls"

 As you can see here the targets were far away so when they did explode it was loud, but we were totally safe.
 We did a lot of Bad Boy Buggy rides, fishing, animal track seeking and chasing around.
 We went on lots of hikes and adventures during the day and then played at ate by a fire at night. 
 These four kids have been best friends since they were 2 and I can not get over the fact that they are turning 5 now!!! 

 Another thing I love about them is they all four get along.  I have found often these days when we have a play date with other kids the boys don't want the girls around playing "boy stuff" and the girls give Bobo a hard time when he is willing to play dolls or dress up.  With Henry and Caroline they all four play so well together and often Caroline gravitates towards Bobo and Ellie towards Henry. 

 I hope the twins had a fun birthday weekend and know how much we love having them in our life!