May 28, 2015


We just back from the most incredible trip.  I have never been on a vacation like this!  We left very early Thursday morning for Cabo San Lucas.  We were very fortunate to be able to stay at the most amazing house thanks to Beth's parents.   Their Cabo house could not have been more glamorous and perfect.  There are four rooms and we all had our own entrance and patios (one even had private  outdoor shower and hot tub!)  
Upon arriving a private chef prepared appetizers and a batch of margaritas!
I had custom koozies made for each person on the trip.
After getting the grand tour and unpacking we got dressed up for our first night out.
We went into San Jose for the Art Walk and dinner at H Restaurant.  Then back home where after a fun night out a few people decided to jump in the pool with their clothes on! 
The next morning Ryan captured these pictures from our balcony and right below.  I promise these pictures are not filtered or beautiful is this.  And no this isn't a resort....its a house!
After breakfast we took a walk on the beach below.  The waves are mosterous!
Beth our gracious host for the week!  Isn't she gorgeous???
Back to the pool where I could have stayed the entire trip!  You can tell here I am standing on the hot tub inside the pool, but in certain light it looks like you are walking on water!
The house behind ours is where one of the Real Housewives was staying all weekend.
Night number two- Cocktails at Market Place and Dinner at Aqua.
This drink might be my fav of all time.  Don't even remember exactly what it was, but it was refreshing with a little heat!
Aqua....all the places have amazing views!
Day 3 the guys went to play golf at Querencia. 
We played by the pool and went to the store for more food!
Walking on water!
The grocery stores make corn tortillas fresh and in house.  They let us sample one...heaven!  The store bought corn tortillas are dry and not very appetizing, but fresh ones are amazing!

We met the guys for a cocktail at Querencia after golf.
Here are the guys on 18.
I think its safe to say they had fun!
Night 3- Dinner at El Farallon and the night out included a nightclub called the Pink Kitty!
Beth, Simpson, Emily and me.
El Farallon was the nicest restaurant I have ever been to.  The view and scenary were breaktaking.  Even the tunnel we took that led straight to the front of the resort was impressive.  They bring you a chalk board menu and then you go pick the piece of fish yourself.
Is this scene not magical???
This is the only appropriate picture from the night....lets just say we had a really good time!

Day 4- pool day and a private Catamaran.   "Keeping it Cien" Goggles!

I love that you can get most places inside Del Mar on a golf cart.
While we waited on this hammock for our Catamaran we saw Queen Latifah!  She was so nice!  We saw lots of athletes and famous people, but she was our fav!  Actually a lot of the Real Housewives were there for a wedding including their cousin Paris Hilton.  Kyle Richards stayed in the house right above us!  Queen Latifah's yacht  was beside our Catamaran for a while and they would yell back and forth to us.   
Sweet staff on the catamaran brought me a gluten free sandwich and french fries...yummmmm!
The Catamaran was so much fun!  I did attempt to SUP (stand up paddle board) but got stuck with the strong current and Ryan had to rescue me!
Beth mastered the SUP!
Night 4- Dinner at home.  We cooked and grilled out and enjoyed a night in after a big night out the night before.
This fire pit on the edge of the pool provided the best views!
Here is the outdoor dining area at our house.
You can see Ryan grilling  outside in this picture.  He is going to be depressed grilling at home this weekend after cooking here!
We saw absolutely stunning sunsets every night.  These pictures don't capture half the beauty you see in person.

We made tequila and lime shrimp tacos, adobe chicken tacos and corn salad!
We all got a good night sleep!  I think I miss having coffee on this porch with this view the most now that we are home.

Day 5- The boys played basketball while the girls had a private tennis lesson at club 96.
Back to the pool for the rest of the day!
Leftovers for lunch with a view!
Our pool time included dance parties....
Chicken fights....
And lots and lots of slow motion videos of flips and jumps into the pool!
On our last night we went to Club 96 for drinks and dinner.
Our last morning was so one wanted to leave!  Ryan made the biggest breakfast for us all before our long journey home.
Adios Cabo!  Hopefully we behaved enough to be invited back one day!