Jan 30, 2017

Baby It's Cold Outside

 We have been waiting a long time to throw a baby shower for our sweet friend Beth.   She is having a baby boy in early spring and I could not be more excited!  I was fortunate enough to host the shower at our house!  When guests arrived they made a mimosa at our mimosa bar, signed the guest book and wrote down wishes for baby b.

 Our theme was "baby its cold outside" so we also had a hot cocoa bar.
This group of girls has these showers down.  We all know our strengths and Emily's is definitely flower arrangements!  She still impresses me every time though!
 For food we had donut holes, a biscuit bar, fruit and cheese, veggie platter and mini quiches along with petit fours for dessert.

About an hour after all the guests arrived the door bell rang and Beth's sweet husband had sent her the most amazing flower arrangement and this note....
Her husband is such a fun guy with a great sense of humor so we got him a little gag gift.  We purchased 6 mini bottles and attached funny "drink when" tags that said things like "hospital happy hour", "when Beth is crying more than the baby", "first blow out", and "first time you successfully 'babysit".
 The two grandmothers-to-be!

 Here is Beth and all the hostess.
 Beth's mother in law, sister and mom!
 All the girls!
One of Beth's favorite sweets is puppy chow and since the powdered sugar kind of looks like snow, we decided it would make a great take away gift!  I made so much puppy chow it looked like a powdered sugar bag exploded in my kitchen, but it was so worth it to provide our guests with a meaningful treat to take home. 
Now the count down is on for baby b's arrival in 11 weeks! Can't wait to meet that little guy!

Jan 13, 2017

New Years and a snow storm

These two make life so much fun!!!!  We loved our holiday break and our lazy mornings of not having to be anywhere at a certain time!
I swear in the past two weeks it has either been freezing or spring weather.  On the days of 60-70 degrees we live out on our porch!  
On New Years Eve Ryan and I took the kids to a trampoline park beside one of Ryan's offices.
All four of us had a blast here!!!  This picture makes me so happy.

These trampoline parks are a great place to get energy out and for adults to play and act like kids!
For New Years we attended Myers Park Country Clubs party with the Phillips!
These girls sure do know how to have a good time!  We danced for hours and rang in the new year in style!
The next day I made black eyed peas and cornbread to go along with Ryan's smoked chicken!  Man can my man smoke some meat!
The kids and I went on a few fun adventures before school started back.  Discovery Place and Discovery Place Kids were the favs for sure!

Last Friday we saw Old Dominion at Coyote Joes.  I still can't believe we have never been here, but we had so much fun and loved this venue for an up and coming country concert!

The next morning we woke up and watched it snow!!!!!
I wish I could have videoed the entire day.  Honestly one of my favorites!!  Seeing my kids have so much fun and play so well together all day long makes me want to take them skiing!!

Ryan recently purchased a knock off go pro for a couples vacation we are going on next month.  He decided to test it out on the kids sledding.

Looking at Bobo's face brings back the pure joy and laughter from that day!

Ellie and Bobo quickly realized they went faster together!!
Our sweet neighbors made hot chocolate for the kids and mulled wine for the adults.
The weather man kept saying we were going to get 8 inches or more, but we got closer to 1 inch.  Either way the kids made the most of it!  One thing we were not able to do with 1 inch of snow was build a snowman so hopefully this is not the only snow we see this winter!