Jul 31, 2015


I love Fridays!  For us Fridays are family days.  Daddy doesn't work and nothing is crowded because everyone else is working!  We woke up and watched these two crazy kids play.

 She laid like this on my bed while I got ready...she is just too much sometimes.
 We took the choo choo train uptown to the library.  They were so excited about having their tickets!  The dress Ellie is wearing is the one we bought her while we were in Cabo and she adores it (Graham thinks his pink monogrammed shirt came from Cabo too hah!)

 There is a Clifford the Big Red Dog exhibit at the big library uptown.

 He found a flower and instead he immediately go give it to Elliebug...first thing she said is "I no want pink one Bobo...I want purple one"

 After the exhibit and reading some books we walked across the street to Seventh Street Market to get pizza!
 Their gluten free pizza is yummy!  And they give you honey to dip crust in.

We took another train ride back to mommy's car and this one was so happy.

 After long naps we went to get Graham and Daddy fit for tuxes for a wedding this fall they are in.  This one was admiring all the wedding dresses.  It will be the first wedding for Graham and Ellie and they are already so excited.
 Getting measured.....

 I. Can't. Even.  I don't normally dress them like adults, but this is pretty darn cute.
 We told him to practice his dance moves to see if the shoes were the right size...he choose the moonwalk!
We ran a few more errands and then went home for dinner and the kids made popcorn before their movie night!
 Love these two little munchkins so much!  TGIF!

Jul 27, 2015

A week with my favorite people!

I have always always been a fall girl.  Love every single thing about the fall, but lately the summer has my heart!  I feel like we just go to the pool, eat, sleep and repeat!  I hear people say they need a break to recharge or "me time"....I need a good day with my favorite people to recharge.  I am sitting here early Monday morning waiting for the twinkies to wake up and feel totally recharged after a fun week with my sweet family.
Monday we went to a local school to watch Andy Lee punt and all our guys try to catch....it was comical.  There was a go pro and a few bruises to show their talents after!

It was Chris's birthday so his sweet wife made blue cupcakes for everyone.
All the littles played in this cooler full of ice for the majority of the time.  Who knew ice would be the big hit of the night??

The kids have just been so sweet with each other lately.  The asked me to take their picture and then just kept hamming it up!

Ellie insisted on "two ponytails" this day.
Now every morning they sit and swing while I load up the car with the days activities.
They have been very imaginative lately and constatly go "on dates" with each other.  This particular morning for their date they took baby Lilly on a walk with a cupcake snack...

We took them on an ice cream date once daddy got home from work.  They are very into colors these days and talked the entire way to the Ice Cream shop about what color ice cream they would get.  Graham decided on Green (pistachio) and Ellie purple (blackberry).
Graham eats alot faster so Ellie was so sweet to share.

Oh and we are not officially potty training, but there has been alot of practicing going on lately haha!  The memories made around the potty are something I will forever cherish....they are the funniest in here I swear!  Ellie came in to read Graham his favorite book while he attempted to go.
Thursday night Ryan and I joined our friends for a golf date night.  We got to-go cocktails and played 9 holes of golf.  Well the guys played 9 holes....we just rode and hit a little.  It was so relaxing and just a great way to spend time together instead of just going to eat.
So neat seeing Ryan do something he loves.  I feel like golf normally takes him away from us so it was fun to enjoy it together.
Friday Ryan and went to play tennis again while the kids were in camp and Friday night we took them on a date to the movies.  I have been 3 times by myself with them and Ryan was so excited to finally be able to join us.  I love movies and am so so thankful my kids do now too!  Its kinda the best to have them sit and snuggle (and sit still) for 2 hours!  We saw inside out and it is such a good movie.  Did make me want to bottle my kids up at this  magical age and never let them grow up...
Since we didn't think a bucket of popcorn was enough dinner we walked across the street to Dean and Deluca to have some appetizers!
Ryan and I got our favorite dinner to go and came home to watch another movie!
This is from Saturday morning...she kept saying "Im cute like Bobo Mommy!" Haha they always say Graham (Bobo) is cute and Ellie is pretty.
We went to run some errands and played at the mall playground and had lunch at Firehouse Subs!
When she sees my camera she makes this silly cheese face....cracks me up.

After lunch Ryan went to play golf and we played outside.  This craft set up on our tiny porch is where we spend alot of time these days....I got some me time and actually read half a magazine while they crafted!
Once they woke up we headed to the pool again and Ryan met us after golf.  They love the pool and since they were so good we split a popsicle.

Why does Ellie look so grown up these days???
Graham constantly puts our shoes on and walks around.  I think I have about 50 pics of this by now, but it is just too cute not to capture.
Sunday we headed back to the club for a family cookout.  I could not have had a more perfect night!   Sweet friends and happy kiddos on a gorgeous summer night can not be beat!  Although Barnes can walk now the kids had a blast "crawling like baby barnes".

Ellie sharing her ice cream again since she eats so slow!
Graham kept every last drop to himself.

Ellie sat here and waved at golfers driving by....we all got a kick out of this.
These three are such sweet friends.

Not sure what we planned this week, but as long as I am with my favorite people I am sure it will be fun!