Jan 7, 2019

New Year's in Vail, Colorado

Since the kids had so much time off for the holidays we planned a fun trip to ski out west!  Ryan loves to ski and his dream is for us all to join in his love for it!  We took the kids last New Years to Wintergreen (drivable and perfect way to test if they would like it).  We not only had a great trip, but felt like it was the perfect way to spend New Years.  So this year we went to Vail, Colorado and had the most amazing time.  Ellie somehow talked Bobo into bringing her boy doll so they could play together.  The rule is they pack their own book bag and they are in charge of carrying it.

 When we got to Vail we went straight to the charming village with restaurants and shops.  We had coffee and shopped, ate dinner at Sweet Basil and then hit up the candy store!

When we checked into our condo and this was right outside the entrance.  Our place was perfect.  It was a one bedroom condo, but the couch folded out and we were able to put a twin with it so kids didn't have to sleep together if they didn't want to.  We had a fireplace, living room, kitchen and balcony looking over the slopes and snowy mountains.
On the second day we woke up early and took these two snow bunnies to ski school!
I am a green skier and Vail was perfect for me.  They had so many green runs and lots that intersected with blues and blacks.  Ryan would ski with me and then go down a quick blue and meet right back up.  
 Here is one of the lifts we took that went down a mountain and back up.  I loved the long lift rides together...which of course lead to long runs back down!

 I would usually do two runs with Ryan and then sit and have some coffee or rest my feet while he did a solo run. 
Of course we carb loaded and enjoyed wet lunches daily!
 I popped in a few times to spy on kids in ski school. 

 They were pumped up the first day we picked them up.  They would not stop talking about the friends they made from all over the world, the fun they had and the levels they had checked off!
Hot Chocolate and cocktails for apres ski at Mountain Standard!
There was a kids ice area set up right in the village with kids movies playing at night.
 We got showered and dressed for dinner out most nights after apres ski.

 One night we ordered a family steak at White Bison...it was huge, but we of course had no problems finishing it!
The kids loved the pool at night.  Something about getting in a bathing suit and swimming outside when it is 5 degrees and surrounded by snow that gets them so excited. 

Another perfect ski day!

On the second day we picked them up from ski school and they had both made it to the level where they were allowed to go on the lift.  The lift didn't close for 30 min so we quickly got on and were able to go down a few times as a family.  This was the moment Ryan has been waiting for.  Every time we would ask him what he wanted for Christmas he would say "To ride a lift and ski together as a family!"  Well Merry Christmas Ryan!

 Apres Ski and card games!
On our 4th day and last full day it had snowed the night before so Ryan got up real early and did a half day solo on the back side of the mountain.  The kids and I played games and played in the snow for hours.  I felt like every time we were outside they either had to get to ski school or weren't in proper attire to just play in the snow.  So today I let them go wild and play and run and throw snow balls.

 Ryan met up with us for lunch at Los Amigos and more fun in the snow!

We had heard there was a performance on the slopes at 6 so we grabbed snacks and drinks around 3 and came home to shower and ordered pizza and waited.  First of all we had the most amazing view from our balcony!  The first group covered in multi-colored glow sticks came down in a synchronized formation,  then this group came down with red flares, and finally a 20 minute firework show!  This picture doesn't even capture the moment, but I tried.   We all four could not stop talking about how perfect the night was!  
 We ate pizza and watched the NCState game (big time loss...) before bed!
 We are not usually ones to go back to the same place, but we may have to repeat this at least one more time!  I even caught Ryan looking at flights over Presidents Day weekend....not gonna happen, but we will go back soon!  I could not have asked for a better way to end 2018 and start 2019!