Oct 29, 2013

Neighborhood Halloween Party

We had our neighborhood Halloween Party Sunday afternoon.  But first I have to document our amazing couples night last weekend!  I honestly feel like I live in the BEST neighborhood!!  We have the sweetest neighbors and have a blast when we all get together!  They are also all amazing chefs!  Especially Thuy!

 This drink was strong (but we could all walk home!) and tasty....I think it was a carmel appletini!
 Top: Allison, Tiffany, Holly, Marshall, Missy.  Bottom: Quinerly, Thuy and me!  Love these girls!!!
The guys watched football all night and I didn't get any pics of them of course!  Ok so on to the Halloween Party....
G and E were so cute in their Peter Pan and Tinker Bell Costumes!  We had a parade and bouncy houses and pizza and lots and lots of cute kiddos!!!

 This is the best pic of all the youngsters I could get!
 Here are the sweet mamas and mama to be's! Thuy, Missy, April, Marshall, Tiff, me and Holly...and sweet Carter too!
 Sweet Lucy loved the skate board!  So stinking cute!
 G and E loved wearing their costumes again! All the people watching kept them entertained...and cheerios and oranges:)
 They even have a haunted house in their garage....so cool!
Hopefully these costumes make it through the wash and are ready to go again on Thursday!!!

Oct 27, 2013

G and E meet their Great Grandparents!

Ryan's Grandparents live in GA and with Graham hating a car ride more than 10 min we have obviously not made it down to see them in a while!  They were so sweet to drive the long distance this weekend to meet the twinkies!!!  The twins loved them and all the attention!
The Londry Men: Graham, Ryan, Paul and Grandpa Harry
 The Londry Girls: Me, Ellie, Miriam and Grandma Cecil
 Ellie and Great Grandma Cecil
 Graham loved Great Grandpa Harry's Glasses!

 Ellie and Mimi
 There were lots of cute pics of the kids....the adults were the ones not smiling and looking at the camera.  Even though Harry isn't really paying attention I thought this pic of him holding both kids was too cute!
 Miriam had an apple cider bar set up....delish!!
 Ellie got lots of attention from Mimi and Aunt Catherine!

We watched the NC State Wolfpack get crushed in Football.... :(

 It was a little chilly, but we still enjoyed some time outdoors.

We played corn hole...
The twins loved swinging on the outdoor swing under a nice cozy blanket!

 I am always the one taking and asked to take pictures so I am rarely in them....love that Ryan took one of me and my sweet little boy:)  He didn't take a good nap so you can see how sweet and tired he is here!
 Once again the kids cried in the car the entire way there and back, but they were sweet and very happy and well behaved at the lake.  So glad Ryan's Grandparents were able to meet and spend quality time with Graham and Ellie.  They are so lucky to still have their Great Grandparents here!  Hope we get to see them again really soon!!!

Oct 24, 2013

Ellie has a tooth!

When Ryan was gone for 4 days last week Ellie got two teeth!!!  It is not easy getting a picture of them...

 You can kind of see them here....

 FINALLY!  This is the only pic where you can actually see them haha!
I have to say she was such a trooper!  I never once gave her Tylenol or anything.  She drooled and chewed on everything for a few days and then all of the sudden she bit my finger one morning and I felt something sharp...sure enough there was a tooth there.  Three days later...another one!  Graham has one barely breaking the surface so fingers crossed his comes soon because he is not quite as tough as his sissy:)

Oct 22, 2013

CCC Halloween Party

Our good friends The Shwedo's invited us to Charlotte Country Club's Annual Halloween party tonight!  We were not only excited to hang out with them, but it was the first chance to put the kids in their Halloween costumes!!  It took a while to decide on what the kids would be for Halloween, but we finally decided on Peter Pan and Tinker Bell.  I had a hard time finding a costume I really liked so I bought some supplies and semi-hand made them!  Here are my "helpers" while I worked on the costumes!
 E's skirt...
 Don't they look cute?  I couldn't get a great pic cause we were rushing out the door and they had just woken up!
He loved the sword!!!- (I didn't make it)
 My Little TinkerBell.
 Londry's and Shwedo's
Ryan with Graham and Blair with Ridley.

 Ellie with her bestie Ridley...these two are going to be T-R-O-U-B-L-E!
 So excited to see Kate too!
 Kelly, Me and Ellie, Corey and Kate and Emily and Ridley
 Sweet Peter Pan Graham

 The Rainbow Man has apparently been leading this party for generations!
 Sweet Gray and Molly holding hands...
 All the kids!
 E is sitting up!
 Ridley the owl!

After this pic we went indoors for dinner and the kids got mashed potatoes all over their outfits so we didn't take anymore pics:)

Kids weren't super smiley today, but still had a great time!  Huge thanks to the Shwedo's for inviting us!  Can't wait to wear these costumes again soon....