Nov 23, 2015

Londry Day Wedding!

We have been talking and counting down the days until this wedding for a long time!  Uncle Jared got married to a beautiful girl Catherine!  Graham and Ellie were honored to be in the wedding!  The rehearsal did not go as smoothly as we hoped so we were nervous leaving after Graham cried the entire way down the isle since Ellie didn't hold his hand.
 After the rehearsal we dropped kids off at hotel before going to the dinner.
 The highlight of the rehearsal dinner was Jared's toast to Catherine!
 The next day we met friends for breakfast and had a ton of pancakes left over.  When Graham got up from his nap he immediately asked for them.  He was so excited to eat them in my bed out of the box!
 After naps I quickly got the twinkies all dolled up!  A white limo picked us up and the kids thought that was the coolest thing!  The limo ride was the highlight of the weekend!
They could not believe they didn't have to wear a buckle or anything!  
 Ryan was the best man!  The Londry men have good genes!   Mostly good hair!
 My kids will not take pictures these days!  It is nearly impossible so I brought white jelly beans to bribe them!
 Mimi and Ellie before the big event!  Ellie was so excited about being the flower girl!
We don't get family pics very often, but this one turned out so good!!!
 Here is the craziness moments before we went into church!  And you can see Pop and Daddy giving Graham "the speech" about behaving.
 Ellie knew she looked precious in her white flower girl dress and kept looking at herself in the mirror.

 Show time!  I didn't get pics of them walking down the isle, but Graham did great and slowly walked straight to his spot.  Ellie took her sweet time haha!  At one point she dumped all her flowers out and them turned around to collect more.
These were the best pictures I could get of these two crazy kids after the ceremony.
 And here is the happy newly weds!
We took the kids to the reception for a while to eat and dance.  Graham in suspenders may be the cutest thing in the world!
 Ellie warmed up the dance floor while everyone ate.
 This wedding cake was out of this world!
 Another limo ride!
After lots of dances, the best best man speech ever, and more dancing we sent the happy couple off in style!  They are now sky diving in Dubai!!!

Nov 4, 2015

Halloween Night!

As I mentioned before Ellie insisted we all dress up as characters from the Wizard of Oz for Halloween.  She assigned me to be the Tin Man and Ryan the Scarecrow.  As hesitant, and if I am honest a little embarrassed, as we were they were more excited about us dressing up than themselves!  Totally worth it to see the joy and excitement on their faces!
 We have a neighbors house that we meet at every Halloween and order pizza and all venture out together once it gets dark.
They wouldn't cooperate for a picture, but were willing to hug and high five haha!
Some of my trick or treating partners in crime!
 All our neighborhood friends!
You know those moments you anticipate and build up in your head only to be disappointed?  Well this was not one of those moments!  We had an absolutely BLAST!  We went from house to house and wore those kids out!  They didn't even eat a piece of candy until we got home and dumped it all out and let them pick one.  Graham was in his element and would only call me Tin Man all night.  He was overwhelmed with excitement from it all.  Ellie took trick or treating a little more seriously, but I was so proud she just stayed focus and was so brave walking up to strangers houses and used her manners and said please and thank you.  She even encounters several dogs and she did not cry (this is huge for her since she is terrified of dogs!).  
Between houses the twinkies would either jump in the stroller real quick or hold my hands and sing "Follow the yellow brick road". 
We have already started talking about what to dress up as next year!  Can't wait!  Hope you all had a fun Halloween with lots of treats!

Halloween Parties and Carving Pumpkins

Although I could not get a great pic of the twinkies before church, I just adore these classic white outfits!  
 This little girl is obsessed with Wizard of Oz.  She has all the lines and songs memorized and insisted we be all the characters from the movie for Halloween.
 Last Wednesday we attended the Charlotte Country Club Halloween party!  They loved getting dressed up and referred to each other as Dorothy and Lion all night.
 These sweet boy/girl twins are very popular in our house.  They are in the twins class at school, gym class and ballet class so we see lots of them and love it!
 Dorothy, Cat and Aurora!
 Love seeing the staff try to get a picture of all the kids haha!
 Ghost on a stick was the highlight of the meal!  Graham kept posing with it before he would eat it.
 Mommy and Dorothy.
 Me, Corey, Rachel and Emily!
 The next day Ellie got to wear her Dorothy costume to ballet class, but it was a little warm for the lion so Graham settled on being a construction man! (ignore the boxes of lights behind him, we close on our new house in 2 days!)
 On Friday some neighbors had an amazing Halloween party!  Here are the two cute lions!
 Mamas and the girls!
 Brody and Graham would run around together and yell "ROAR" at their friends!   They were cracking me up!
 With twins there are days when they fight and get on each others last nerve, but there are also days when they just adore each other and get along beautifully!  Today was a good day.  Ellie fell down at one point in the party and I swear Graham came running out of no where and picked her up, brushed off the dirt on her tights then walked her to the snack table to replace her snack that had fallen on the ground with sweet!
 Candy time!

 I tried to capture Graham with his hand on Ellie's back while he escorts her around the party.
 Friday was also my birthday and since its so close to halloween its usually overshadowed, but Ryan made me a delicious steak dinner when the kids went to bed!
 On Saturday morning we went to our friends house to carve our pumpkins!

We were mostly excited about all the goods inside to make pumpkin seeds!  Ok parties are over, costumes cleaned and pumpkin carved...ready for the big night!