Nov 18, 2013

High Chairs!

Before we got pregnant I always wanted a wooden spindle high chair.  I always see old ones at antique stores and couldn't wait to get pregnant and buy one to paint and restore.  When we found out we were pregnant with twins….and I have to have everything matching…I knew the high chairs would be hard to find.  After searching I decided I would have to buy new ones so they would match.  This was not easy.  I ended up with unfinished wood spindle high chairs.
So I painted them gray (like everything else in our house haha) and ordered their monogram decals from Etsy to put on the back before sealing it.

And Voila!  They love sitting in them.  They look so cute too!!!

They also constantly hold hands….especially when eating.  This absolutely melts my heart!
Only thing I don't like is how fast they are growing up!  They look so grown up in these chairs!

Nov 17, 2013

Graham has two teeth!

About a week after Ellie got two teeth, Graham got two teeth.  He was a little more fussy than his sister, but thank goodness his two little teeth came in at the exact same time!!!  He was no easier to get a picture of though!

 He is mostly excited about his teeth so he can now eat more!  Let me just say this kid loves to eat!!!!!!!

Nov 12, 2013

Halloween and my Birthday

I am a week behind, but we had such a good time on Halloween and celebrating my Birthday that I couldn't not post about it!  Plus I want to remember the twins first halloween.  We got together with some neighbors for beers and pizza and then headed out to trick or treat!

 We only did a few houses door-to-door because lets be honest the twins aren't eating candy yet haha!

 Love our neighbors!

 Tiffany and her Strawberry Lucy!
 A family pic is rare so I always say yes if someone offers to take one!
 Things got crazy with glow sticks when it got dark!
My Birthday is also the week of Halloween.  The twins were in GREAT moods that day…thank goodness!

Ryan came home from work with lots of gifts and flowers!  He is truly the best gift giver and spoils me rotten!!!!
I also have some amazing friends who spoiled me this year!!!
 The following day I left for a girls weekend….my first time away from the twins.  Ryan also was gone at a football game so the twins had their first over night at my In-laws.  They did great and we enjoyed some time away!!! I went to Beaufort, SC and had an absolute blast!  We stayed a friends parents house right on the water.   I love the moss on the trees and the cool air this time of year was so refreshing and relaxing!
The first night was full of laughs, wine, dance parties, wine and not a lot of sleep….but so fun!!!  The next day we went to Bluffton, SC and ate at Buffalos and did some shopping.
After lunch we headed home and spent the entire afternoon on the dock drinking beer and talking.  We hang out several times a week as a group, but always with kids.  It was so nice to sit still and really talk!
 Beautiful sunset!
After sunset we glammed up and hit the town.  We had dinner with a private room-  thank goodness cause we are not a quiet bunch of ladies:)
 One of the bottles of wine on the wall behind us may have gotten knocked down….opps!
 What a great and much needed weekend away.  I was also extremely impressed because as I was headed home on Sunday Ryan took the kids to the Panthers tailgate… himself!  He did have lots of extra hands at the tailgate, but still very adventurous!!!  Not only am I proud of him for taking them out by himself, but mostly to taking lots of pics!!

All in all we have had the best fall so far!  Thanks everyone for making my birthday so special!!!!  It has been the best year yet….hoping it just keeps getting better!!

Nov 6, 2013

8 Months

You guys have developed and grown a lot this past month.  What a fun stage this is too!  We have had a busy start to fall and you are both loving all our new activities and being outside a ton with the nice weather. You are still loving my cooking and feeding you new foods is so neat.  We love watching your reaction to different tastes and textures.   I still make all of your food myself.  We have tried some meat and more mature combinations.  Last night you ate a mixture I made of sautéed onion, carrot, cauliflower and tomatoes with basil.  You also eat some small finger foods like beans, peas, banana, avocado, cheese, oranges and cheerios.  I had you both all by myself for 4 full days at the beginning of the month while Daddy was away on a work trip.  As a dentist he rarely travels and I am so thankful for that! You both were so well behaved, but you are also lucky to have a Daddy that is so helpful and hands on!  I also spent my first night away from y'all last weekend as some friends and I went to the beach for a much needed girls weekend.  I missed you both so much, but to see you light up when I came home melted my heart! 

Our schedule these days:
7-7:30AM wake up.  You both wake up really happy and just rolling around sucking your fingers and babbling until we come to get you up. You drink a 6 oz bottle and then watch TV in your bobby pillows while Mommy and Daddy drink their coffee and prepare food/bottles for the day.   We play for a while and work on sitting up on the floor.  You are still both morning babies!  I have started feeding you yogurt and some banana around 8 and play more before a 4 oz bottle at 8:45.  You take a nap from 9-10:30/11.   We change clothes and usually go run errands during this time.  You eat lunch around 12/12:30 and drink another 5 oz bottle around 12:45.  We play a little while and read books.  You nap again from 1-3:30/4.  You drink a 4 oz bottle when you get up and most days meet our friends at the park.  Sometimes if Daddy is going to be home before 5 we stay home and play with him!  At 6PM we feed you real food.  Then we take baths and you drink another 6 oz bottle before bedtime at 7PM.  You are still amazing sleepers!

Nicknames- Bug and Sissy
You are still the easier twin, very independent and energetic.  You weigh 17 lbs 5 oz.  You are drinking 24 oz a day.  You are wearing size 2 diapers and size 6 month clothes.  You have two bottom teeth and lots more hair!!  Your personality still keeps us laughing!  You're getting more and more beautiful each day and are just a pure joy.  Your favorite book is 5 little monkeys!  You're completely sitting up on your own and…..yes, you are army crawling!!!!  This makes me nervous that you are becoming mobile!!!!  You are still our little trouble maker.  Your favorite toy is the car "walker".  You will stay in that car forever!  We take it outside almost daily and you will chase Riley (our dog) around.  I have taken it to play groups that I know will be outside and you chase the big kids around….hilarious!!!  You are still attached to your pink elephant lovie and have to have it to sleep while sucking your thumb:)

Nicknames- G, Bubba and your favorite BoBo- not sure why, but this name cracks you up so we have started saying it more!
You are still so sweet and my snuggler.  You weigh 18 lbs!!  You still like to be held a lot so you give me a workout!  You are eating about 24 oz a day and lots of food.  You love just about anything I feed you!  You are in size 2 diapers and size 6 month clothes.  There are few 9 month shirts that you wear under outfits since you are so long:)  You also have your two bottom teeth now!  You are not as interested in sitting up or moving like your sister.  You still make our favorite noise after you sneeze and suck your two middle fingers.  You love books and pay very close attention when I am reading, Brown Bear, Brown Bear is still your favorite.  Your favorite toy is the Jonny Jump Up and stackable cups.  We haven't gone to far from home this month, but lots of short trips.  You are doing better in the car, but if its more than 15 min….you cry and cry until we reach our destination:(    I secretly love that you are a mamas boy, but ready for you to like the car a little more.