Oct 31, 2016

Pumpkin, parties and celebrations!

We may have started a little too early with the pumpkins this year.  This poor Jackolantern only made it a few days before we had to toss him.  Luckily the kids didn't care and were excited to carve again!

 Although our back deck is STILL not done and we STILL don't have grass, we have been able to access the pond a little more lately!
We joined our friends at the pumpkin patch.  We have gone with the same group for 4 years now!  Love these holiday traditions. 

 We have learned to just buy a few small pumpkins at the patch (so you don't have to carry them all day and back to the car).  Instead we get some smaller ones for the twins.

 My sweet godson in his adorable pumpkin bubble!

 Love these little pumpkins!

 We also went to the local market to get our big carving pumpkins.

 The club had their annual Halloween party.  This was the first chance the kids had to wear their costumes.  I need to explain these...mostly so I don't forget.  First of all they picked batman and robin.  They love pretending to be super heros and "saving the day".  I got Ellie a cute robin costume on Etsy that she loved until she saw Bobos batman muscle costume.  "I want a super hero robin muscle costume!!!" So we got her one.  And she insisted on wearing a tutu on top!

 They loved playing with their twin besties at the party!

 I was shocked when they asked to ride the ponies and actually got on!

 Here is an attempt at a group shot of all the kiddos.

 We have joined up with a few families to do kid friendly service projects.  This month we dressed them up and took them to Ryan's grandmothers assisted living house.  They passed out candy to Grammy and all her friends.

 I can not tell you how proud we were of these kids.  They were so quiet and slow and patient.  They would politely tell each person Happy Halloween and hand them candy.
 It just melted my heart to see them being so gentle and polite.

 Grammy was so excited to show us around and introduce us to all her friends.
She even let Ellie ride around with her.
 Grammy loves her pictures and insisted on showing the twins every picture in her album haha!  I love these kids and hope they understand how blessed they are and how important it is to do for others.
 I also celebrated my birthday this past weekend!  Dinner with Ryans family, dinner out with friends, a few sporting events and a low key family day Sunday!  Great weekend overall!

I ended the weekend with more pumpkin carving and a boat ride with my 3 favs!

Sports, sports and a chili cookout!

Remember that one time we went to a football game in the hurricane?  Not sure if we are really good fans or just stupid!  Either way I had to document this so years later we can look back and remember that day!  I am a big big fan of the weather!  I love looking up the forecast each morning as I plan what we will wear.  Although I knew it would rain and be mild hurricane conditions that day, I did no expect this!
It was so windy that our tent would not stay up so we decided to tailgate in the car!
It was literally raining in every direction.  I had full head to toe rain gear on and a cheap poncho...and was drenched!  I would have to dump rain out of my boots every few minutes.  I could not help but find this hilarious!

We got evacuated at half time and luckily ran into a college friend who gave us some extra tix to his parents box.  I will say the first half of the game was one of the best ever!  But we were all happy to get out of the rain for second half....and the PACK won!

We have been cheering hard for the panthers, even though they have not had a great start to the season.

And of course we confuse our kids by add an entirely different sport to the mix!  Hornets are back!

We took twins to the pre season game and they loved all the attention they got!
They both made the jumbo tron a few times!
We have been busy with fall and Halloween activities.  We made our favorite dinner and ate it in front of Great Pumpkin Charlie brown!

The chili cook off was a big hit with all four of us!

We would test the chili to make sure it wasn't too spicy and then the kids would devour the rest.

This little one loves some chili!
Next up Pumpkins!