Apr 23, 2012

Girls Beach Week!

I had the opportunity to escape for a girls beach week recently.  This is our 4th year getting together and I look forward to it every year!

We spent most of our time chasing these cute rug rats around the beach, eating amazing food, drinking wine(and wine slushies) and hours of girl talk on the screened in porch at night........ all together relaxing:)

Such a great week!  Great way to spend Spring Break:)  Thanks again for organizing and inviting us all down Jennifer!

Apr 20, 2012

The Soon-to-Be Mrs. Walker

This past weekend I was lucky enough to host a shower for one of my favorite people!  Rebecca...the Soon-to-Be Mrs. Walker is getting married very soon!  I am a huge fan of themes so I was thrilled when we decided on a yellow chevron/lemon kitchen shower theme!  Rachel and I hosted the shower at a cute little restaurant in Columbia.  The place was amazing, but didn't have the best lighting for my little point and shoot camera:(
Instead of a game we decided to have each guest fill out a mad lib and we read it while Rebecca opened their gift.....hilarious!

We loved using Rebecca's new initials and lemons as the base of most of our decor!
Rebecca got some amazing gifts that will go perfectly in her new kitchen!!
We also had each guest write down their favorite recipe!   One guest wrote a recipe for Husband Preserves....so cute!

Thanks to everyone for coming and spoiling Rebecca!

Can't wait for the big day... Mrs. Walker!!!!!

Apr 9, 2012

Young At Heart

Ryan and I have been dealing with a lot of "adult" things in the past year so we decided to take a day and act like kids again!  This was much needed and better than we expected:)  Living in Charlotte, Carowinds seemed like the best way to leave all our troubles behind and be carefree for the day!!
We both LOVE roller coasters and rode everyone they had to offer....some twice!  We both liked the Intimidator and Thunder Road the best!
Now I just wish we had season passes!!!
We also recently celebrated my Grandaddy Butch's 90th Birthday!!!  He looks amazing(and not even close to balding)!
He has always loved Snoopy so Michelle (my bonus mom) ordered a custom snoopy cake for the occasion!
Loved seeing my little brothers....poor Jake recently broke his leg in two places:(
My Aunt and Uncle brought some old pictures to the party.  I absolutely love these of my Grandparents when they got married.

It was so good to get the whole family together and celebrate!  Happy 90th Grandaddy Butch!!!