Sep 19, 2014


The twinkles are obsessed with firetrucks! We have several firetruck toys and books and they love them!  Graham even sleeps with a fireman stuffed animal.  We decided to make today all about firetrucks.  We put on our new firetruck outfits and headed to the local fire station.

Here is Grahams face when we first walked in...priceless! Heaven!

 They thought they were so cool sitting in the truck!
 The guys at the station were so incredibly nice!  They let the kids run wild and get all in the truck!  They turned the lights on and showed them inside all the doors!
 I kept asking E to smile and for some reason today she blew me kisses haha!

 Ellie was very proud of her firetruck noises too!

After we left the fire station we had some time to kill before lunch so we went to the local book store and bought a few more firetruck books!

 To end the afternoon we had lunch at firehouse subs!

 By the time we got home from all the fun it was nap time.  So Graham got his fireman (and his fingers) and was fast asleep....I'm sure he is currently dreaming of firetrucks too:)

Sep 12, 2014

A is for Apple!

As if our last weekend wasn't busy enough.....Sunday was Apple picking and baking day!  It was a gorgeous day, especially after the brutally hot days prior!  G and E like apples and tractors so it was a good start to the day when we arrived at the farm and they saw a big tractor they could ride on and a ton of apple trees!  First stop on the tractor ride.....some farm animals!  They had pigs and goats in a cage running around and the twinkles loved watching them play.

Next stop...APPLES!   Graham thought it was so cool that he was allowed to touch the apples and pull them down.
Both ate an entire apple while Ryan and I filled up the rest of our bags.

Once we got home we made lots and lots of apple goodies.  I like to cook and bake, but not a fan of peeling dozens of apples!
Graham got up while I was still cooking so I let him color while I baked!
We made apple cinnamon muffins.....recipe here....I used GF flour and substituted coconut oil for butter to make healthier for twinkles to eat!
An apple pie....recipe here- again I made mine GF!
Ellie woke up and helped me make apple BBQ sauce and you can see the crock pot in the background making apple butter!

Kids colored some more, Ryan watched the Panthers game and I continued to cook!!  Everyone was happy!
The kids love it when something is in the oven and I turn the light on so they can watch it bake.
Here are 3 out of 4 creations!
I think the apple pie was our favorite, especially when you pair it with bourbon vanilla ice cream:)
The apple butter took over night to cook, but it was so easy and made so much I had to freeze some. Here is the recipe!
We used the apple BBQ sauce for ribs!  Yummo!!!
We made so many apple recipes we only had a few actual apples left to eat!  I would definitely make this a yearly tradition!

Sep 7, 2014

NCSU game with the twinkies

On Saturday we loaded the twinkies up and headed to Raleigh for the NC State game!  It was VERY hot, but they didn't care!!!
Ellie has a thing for chairs so when we went to the game last weekend we stopped by the Book Store and bought them little NC State tailgate chairs.
This wild boy wasn't interested in sitting though!
We got to the tailgate very early due to scheduling drive time around nap time.  Since we got there early we made it to "The walk of Champions". This is where the band, cheerleaders, coaches and team walks from buses to the stadium.  We got our pic made with Ms. weren't a fan!
Graham checked out the cheerleaders.

Graham got to give coach a high five.....We were pretty excited about this!
Back to the tailgate with our friends the Roberson girls!
It was Graham and Ellie's 1/2 birthday (18months) so we had special cookies made to celebrate!
Hard to get a good pic of all four looking haha!
They have never had a cookie so they were pumped!!!

All the little ones and their football cookies!

Ok its game time!!!!

Ellie LOVED the game!  She kept clapping and waving and smiling!  She was definitely in her element!  She had a little tattoo on her check, not a pimple haha!
Graham was tired from not napping great in the car and was more interested in his snack:)
After the first quarter we headed up to an overhang where the kids could run around, I could watch them and Ryan could keep up with the game!  Ellie got excited when we scored a "TOUCHDOWN"!!!

Love this sweet girl!

Graham's favorite part was running up and down this ramp.

Here is me and my college roomie with our girls/future college roomies!
We left at half time and the kids were spent!  We listened to the rest of the game in the car while the twinkies slept!  Overall great day and the Wolfpack won!!!
 The end!