May 31, 2017

Ellie's big dance

I still can not believe this beautiful little ballerina.  She just blew me away!  I grew up dancing and to have Ellie so in love with dance makes me the happiest and proudest mom!  I am also blessed to have a very talented mom friend (shout out to you Cindy!) who surprised me and took all these amazing photos of Ellie dancing!
The name of their dance was Dolls in a toy shop.  They were to pretend to be dolls and got wound up and danced and talked like baby dolls. Ellie is laser focused when she dances.  This is rare for a 4 year old!  As you can see the girls around and behind her being silly and distracted.  I am sure I was not this into dance at this young of an age!  
Oh I just love this face!  She is the perfect mix of excited and proud!
 Dolls in a toy shop say "ma-ma"

 And this pic!  Cindy caught her strutting her stuff!

 Ellie's God Mother came to her practice and made Ellie's day!

 Ellie and her best friend Caroline.
 Our sweet next door neighbor and Ellie.

The two sets of twins!  Love these supportive brothers who sat through 2 hours of ballet routines just to see their sisters dance!

 Ellie just lights up on stage and I  love watching her shine!

Mothers Day

My Mother's Day this year started with the Mother Son Dance!  I had the absolute sweetest little date!  The theme this year was Mad Scientist.  We got test tube smoothie shooters when we first arrived and the watched them make popcorn from Dragons Breath!

 Bobo loved dancing and eating lots of special treats, but mostly just the one on one attention from having an entire evening with just the two of us!

 The next Monday at school was my first official Muffins for Moms at their preschool.

 Both kids were so excited and proud to show me all the special things they made for me in preparations for this morning.  The entire class even sang a song they had been practicing in secret for all the moms!

On Mothers Day I spent the morning finalizing some of our Master Renovation choices while sipping on fresh orange juice!

Then the kids made me a smoothie bowl and cantaloupe juice!
We had brunch at our country club and by that point I was stuffed haha!

After naps we played outside, took a boat ride, and grilled out!  This sweet boy made me an old Land Rover out of his blocks for my gift! 
 By 5 Ryan had another beverage waiting for me, cucumber gin and tonic!
 We had some tuna and salmon along with an asian slaw for dinner.

 Bobo and Ellie helped me make a homemade banana pudding for our dessert.

 I could not love these two more and am so thankful for my partner in the whole parenting adventure!

May 30, 2017

Cayman Islands

It has been a while since the entire Londry family went on a vacation so this trip was very much overdue!  We got together a few months ago and voted on the destination and all settled on Cayman Islands!  We arrived Wednesday and immediately hit the beach.
 We ordered our first of many fish tacos and played in the sand.

 That night we went to Morgan's Seafood restaurant.  The food was good, drinks were delicious and we had the perfect outdoor table to watch the sunset.

 Catherine and I split two meals because we couldn't decide, but we both agreed the shrimp was the best!  It was not only the size of a lobster, I swear it tasted like it too!

 The second day we played in the ocean and drank pina coladas by the pool.

 The kids loved having lunch by the pool most afternoons.

That night we went to Eric Rupert's restaurant Blue.  This was a fancy night out!

I can not tell you how proud I was of our kids during this trip, but dinners especially!  We were at this dinner for over 3 hours and never once did they whine, complain or run around.  The sat nicely and ate like adults!  They tried everything from ceviche, grilled octopus and soups to fish and steak!
 Ellie was thrilled when they brought her a plate of blue cheese for her steak!
 Ellie is a little foodie just like her Aunt!
We got home very late so they twins slept in the next morning.
We spent this day just the four of us at the Turtle Farm on the island.  We were basically the only people there for the few hours we visited and had such an amazing experience.

 There was a large area where you could actually snorkel with the turtles.   Bobo was so sweet and gentle with the turtles and sat in one area slowly feeding them for the longest time.
 Ellie amazed us and caught on to snorkeling fast.  We have used snorkels a lot but never for more than a quick look.  She would keep her head under for 10 min and talk to Ryan through the mouth piece!

There was a restaurant down the street right on the water where we ate lunch.  Nothing can beat a tropical cocktail, spectacular view and yummy food!
The kids took long naps and woke up for some kayaking and paddle board rides.

We went to a small quaint Mexican Restaurant, Casa 43, for dinner that still makes me drool every time I think about the food we ate!

On our last day we spent a lot of time in the pool and ocean.  We took long walks and played in the sun!

 At night we met at the hotel beach bar for a quick bite.  The sunset was so pretty!

 We promised the kids we would go swimming at night on the last night and they could not have had a better time!  Lots of organized jumps and cannon balls!
On our last morning we built sandcastles and collected shells on the beach before enjoying one last lunch at the beach bar.

We were sad to see this week come to an end, but we look forward to all the vacations we have coming up!!!