Dec 29, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Chirstmas was even more magical than I imagined.  I constantly hear people saying how it is better through a childs eyes and it is just so true.  After we put the kids to bed on Christmas Eve they must have stayed up for 30 min talking about the next day and what we were going to do and what they wanted from Santa and singing Happy Birthday to Jesus.  We have plans to separate the twins soon for bedtime and part of me knows it is time, but they have never spent a night apart and listening to them talk back and forth before falling asleep is so sweet!  
 This is what Santa left for our family!  We woke up on Christmas morning and came in the living room and could not believe it!  We must have all been very very good this year!
 Daddy got a boat, motor, battery, oar and life jackets!
 Our stockings were spilling over with toys, movies and treats!
 I got a gum ball machine!!!!
 Ellie and Graham got a new kid table with ghost chairs, cups, books, movies, gloves and hats with new friends to play with!
 The twinkies main gift was a dress up station!  They got a doctors coat, belle costume, sophia costume, police man, spider man, woody and buzz!  Along with lots of accessories!

 Bobo was really excited about his new belt.
 And he enjoyed Ryan's new Yeti coffee cup.
 My sweet little Woody.
 And beautiful Sophia.
 Ellie's Belle costume lights up!
Kids can not wait for a nice day so we can take the new boat out!  Of course we get a boat and then it rains non stop!!!
Another favorite toy was a microwave that has lots of buttons and makes real noises.  Ellie loves to wait and watch the food go round and round.
 The Spider Man costume is hilarious.
 Christmas pj pic!
After opening all our presents at home we went to Ryan's parents house for drinks, brunch and more presents!
The twins main gift from Mimi and Pop was new sleeping bags which are already getting tons of use!!!!

 Ellie got a mini mouse dress up kit with some fake lip stick that she loves putting on.
 We gave Uncle Jared and Catherine a box full of accessories for their new grill and Graham got a laugh out of the large orange grill gloves.
 Every year Ryan's grandmother gives the boys matching clothing and they always get a pic of them wearing it.  Just one of those goofy family traditions.
Graham also got a talking transporting Mac truck which he laid on the floor playing with for so long that almost everyone ended up on the floor playing with him.  Such a sweet little boy.

It is nice to live close to some family so we could come home and relax and take naps in our own home.  After long naps we made a fun dinner and played in the basement the rest of the night!
This girl will not touch macaroni and cheese, but she loved crackers with blue cheese and honey on top.  Go figure!
 We let the kids sit at their new table to eat which they thought was so cool.
 Ignore our mostly empty basement....I swear it is going to take us forever to fill this house up with furniture!  We ate and then laid in our new sleeping bags and watched new movies!  It was the absolute best day!
 Merry Christmas and to all a good night!

Dec 25, 2015

Christmas Eve

Last night we made homemade pizzas!  Ellie has been wanting pizza with lots of meat on top since she didn't get it at her school party last week.

 She loves to help me cook in the kitchen!
 Graham was more interested in the eating part!  He kept looking at the pizza and asking if it was ready yet.
 We normally like to cook them on the grill, but we had a playdate and by the time they left and Ryan got home we were too hungry to wait for the grill to warm up!
 This morning we made pancakes!  We hosted a big pancakes and pjs party last Christmas Eve, but its so hard to host when you have so many friends and don't want to hurt anyones feelings if they are left out.  Since we just moved a week ago and still have mostly empty rooms we decided to just make them as a family this year!
 It was 70 degrees again today so we made Santa and Baby Jesus cards with Christmas stickers outside and opened a present from our sweet friends The Robersons! (excuse the muddy pond in the background!)

 This is the kids first game and we played it for a long time!  There are times I get sad my babies are gone and Graham and Ellie are just growing up so fast, but at times like these I get excited because we can start having family game night! And yes Ellie is wearing a tacky headband and her Dorothy costume.
 Ryan had every single door in the house open and the breeze was perfect!
After lots of games we made cookies!  Graham said his were for Santa and Ellie said hers were for Baby Jesus's Birthday!

 Ryan's Santa cookie was my fav!!!
After naps we headed to church.  
The kids did great and sat still and quiet during the entire ceremony.  My favorite part was whenever Graham heard them talk about Mary or Joseph or the Angels or Shepard he would start singing the song they learned in school "Mary and Joseph and the sweet little baby boy" and Ellie was very into the Silent Night Candle!

After church we headed to a Christmas Eve party.  This is our fourth year attending and I swear it gets better every single year!  The theme this year was Feliz Navidad and they even had some amazing people cater it so we didn't have to cook, serve and watch all the kids!  That was truly a present in itself!
The musical instruments on the mantle were each families take home gift!  Graham played it and sang to us the entire ride home:)
Here are the photo booth props
 The kids love Mexican food so they were thrilled with the spread!
 Graham loved the mailbox for Santa letters.
 Ellie was just so happy.  She kept looking at me and saying "Merry Chripmas Mommy"
 Family photo booth pic!
 Holly brought all the ingredients for reindeer food again this year.
  Pin the nose on Rudolph!!!!
 Ellie has a very special place in her heart for Holly.  

 Piñata time!!!!!

 Love this proud look on Ellie's face after her turn.

This is seriously one of my favorite nights of the year.   The group just is so fun and so easy and laid back.  I am very thankful for friends who open up their house to all of us year after year and for the time we spend with our "Charlotte family"!