May 31, 2011

Happy 1st B-Day Cowboy

We just got back from Baby Ryan's 1st bday showdown!  First let me say I cannot believe he is already one!!  We have been blessed to be a part of his life and watch him grow and develop over the past year.  From the day he was born.....first trip to the beach....first Halloween....and many trips back and forth to visit.  It is amazing how fast the first year flies by and how much they change month to month.
I am a big fan of theme parties so I was thrilled when Rachel decided on a Cowboy/Western party!  The invitation read "Wanted for being too cute and growing up too fast" and it was printed on a Western Wanted Poster invitation.
Ryan and I went down on Friday to help with the cooking, baking, set up, crafting, etc... and because Friday was little Ryan's actual b-day:)  We spent many hours together in the kitchen and had a blast!
We did take some time out of the party planning to take little Ryan to the pool for the first time...lets just say he is a water boy!
The day of the party I went around and took pictures of all the little details....and there were a lot of details to this party!!!  I hope little Ryan knows how loved and adored he is after this weekend!!
The birthday boy rocked a shirt made by Needleworks that was precious!

The menu included BBQ, Cattle Rancher Beef Brisket, Tater Salad, Fiery Piggy Poppers, Hogs in a Sleeping Bag, Saddle Up Slaw, Cowboy Caviar and much more!

The Saloon: Kowboy Kool-aid, Sweet Tea, custom water bottles and soda!

And Dessert: Cupcakes, Cookies and the "Smash Cake" of course!  Rachel made the cake was amazing...seriously!!!

My favorite part of the party was when little Ryan got his cake and was more interested in banging on it like a drum than eating it!  So sweet!

He did get to open a few presents included a puzzle we gave him, a new tunnel and a wagon!
With all the details in this party...they all related to Cowboys... and the take-aways were "S'mores Pops".  Rachel has a lot of import people in her life who are allergic to gluten (including her!) so she made half regular pops and half gluten free....I ate at least 4!
 Thats it!  What a success!  Thanks, Y'all come back now...ya hear!

May 27, 2011

CC Wedding Weekend

We had a great ....but long past 6 days!   Yes we were out of town...again!  Like I said we are making the most of our time off and cramming in as much as possible!!  So first the much anticipated...
 Tripp and Traci have been together for a long time and finally made it down the aisle!  They are the most fun couple we have met and their wedding weekend did not disappoint!  Most of the festivities took place at Chetola Resort in Blowing Rock, NC.  We kicked the weekend off with a Welcome Party Thursday night.  We got awesome welcome bags, ate some bbq, sat by the fire, played cornhole and even filled out Mad Libs for wedding advice...very funny!
The Rehearsal dinner was at Aritsanal....amazing views, food and wine!
Here is the happy couple on the bus on the way there:)
Tripp with all the bridesmaids...

On Saturday we spent the day with the Edwards hiking Moses Cone, lunch and ice cream before the big night!
Now on to the main event...the wedding!  I loved this sign they had right outside:)
Most of the reception took place inside a huge white tent.  The weather and the bride were both beautiful! 
And they lived happily ever after:)
After the wedding we went to visit my family.  I miss them so much now that we live in Charlotte and was so excited to spend a few days with these happy boys!

May 19, 2011

Mini Vacations

Well we have been busy over the past couple weeks!  We are trying to make the most of time being unemployed and still looking for a job in Charlotte and Ryan waiting to get his license so he can start working:)  We started these mini vacations off with separate trips to the beach with our friends.  Ryan went with his dental school friends....and leave it up to a group of guys to not take any pictures!  I however went with some of my girl friends and their sweet little ones and I could not resist taking pictures!  This picture sums up our glasses and sippy cups...
We had so much fun going on long walks, cooking, playing with the kiddos, talking on the screened in porch at night with a glass of wine and just catching up with each other!

Although we are spread out all over the state and in different stages of life, I love the fact that we all make the effort to spend time together:)
Thanks Jennifer for a great week!  Can't wait to see yall again!
We also got away with the "soon to be" Cockerhams at the lake! Tripp and Traci extremely fun to be around and always have something fun up their sleeves!
Lots of dogs swiming, boat riding, strawberry shortcake and bbq eating, laughs and fun in the water.
I also road a jet ski for the first time!!

The dogs may have had more fun.....

Thanks to Tripp's grandparents we had a very relaxing and fun day at the Lake!!!

And finally our trip to Greenville to visit the living so close to yall and we are getting spoiled seeing yall so often!  The guys played golf while we shopped and planned for this little guys 1st b-day next weekend!
We made lots of yummy meals, Rachel made the best ice cream sandwiches(which we tried to get baby Ryan to eat), practiced climbing the stairs and lunch at Pomegranate and Blueberry Frog for frozen yogurt.

I will be sad when we have to go back to the real world and work during the week:(

May 16, 2011

Graduation Party

I have been planning this party for four years!  I have to admit I went a little overboard with the "tooth theme".  But like I said...we waited four years for this party!  Prepare yourself for lots of pictures:)
Dr. and Mrs. Londry
Me with the twins Rachel and Rebecca.
Rachel, Me, Ryan's Mom and party helpers:)
Ryan and Andy.
Ryan with his Grandmas.
I took all the furniture off the screened porch and put it in the yard and used the porch for the food tables.

Before all the guest arrived I got some pictures of all the little details and the food! 
I let Ryan pick the menu for the was his night of course:)  For appetizers he chose Cheese, Salami, Cheese, Olives and Pimento Cheese Sammies....what can I say the boy loves Cheese!
If you look close the tooth picks are "tooth" picks:)
For the main meal we had...

Sweet Tooth Table....

 White Chocolate Teeth...
The Drinks.....We had Arnold Palmers, Londryritas (our take on the Margarita) water bottles, beer and wine!

And Denture Ice Cubes....
The night of the Graduation party also happened to be Ryan's actual birthday so I couldn't resist getting him a cake:)

We had lots of family and friends in town to help us celebrate!

We knew this would be a fun group so I got a bunch of fake teeth and had guests try on their new pearly whites and take a picture to capture the night...this ended up being a huge hit!  Everyone from us youngins to the grandmas took part.
At the end of the evening I had homemade tooth cookies with custom labels for all the guests to take home...the labels read "Support your local Dentist eat more Sweets".

Thanks to all of our friends and family for all the support you have given Ryan throughout his time in school and to all of you who traveled to help us celebrate his hard work on this special night!!!