Dec 31, 2016


One of the things I miss most about our old house is the swing out front.  We had the biggest magnolia tree in our front yard with a double wooden swing.  Often we would swing and wait for Ryan to get home from work.  Now our front yard is small and we have no trees to hang a swing from.  When we were building our new deck, I decided that we had plenty of room underneath for two swings!  Ryan and the twins hung them recently and I love them!

We hung the swings on carabiners so they are easy to remove should we have people over and want this area more open.
 I got these custom made with the twins initials on them.

They look like such big kids on these swings too!
They have a pretty nice view while swinging too!
 I also recently got this custom mat for me....beware of twins!

There must have been 80 geese on the pond the other afternoon while we were swinging.  Ellie loves watching them swim around!
Twins are really enjoying the new deck and making new memories on their new swings!

Dec 30, 2016

Merry Christmas!!!

I still can't believe Christmas is over!!!  I have to document it before we start a new year.  On Christmas Eve Eve (December 23rd) we made Santa some cookies.

We made a fire and snuggled while we watched a Christmas movie.  I love Christmas and the questions my kids ask about it.  Bobo kept asking to see a Christmas movie about Jesus....seriously they are all about Santa!
Ryan and I left right before bed time to go to the Hornets game with the Harrell's!  
The next morning Ryan made our tradition Christmas Eve breakfast, crepes!  He made a ham and gruyere cheese one and Nutella and banana one.  Here are the kids observing him at the bar with Nutella all over their faces.
During the day we took lots of walks and boat rides outside.
Ryan taught Graham how to work the motor on the boat while Ellie and I sat by the fire and watched.
After naps we got all dressed up and headed to church.
One of our favorite traditions is Christmas Eve at the Toms.  After church several families head over to their house for some bubbly, food and fun!  Ellie was obsessed with the riding unicorn.

This is our best attempt at a kid group pic! Bobo wouldn't get in the picture unless I was....he is not a mamas boy at all haha!
And this blurry pic is a pic of the camera screen of the entire group.  This pic about sums up the night and all the fun and excitement had by all!
Christmas morning was everything I wished it would be.  Not that it is about me, but I could watch the videos from that morning over and over.  The looks on the kids faces and the pure joy was just magical.
Santa brought a new teepee and gator.
I loved the few moments before twins woke up and I had a cup of coffee and admired our tree and all the presents in the dark.
The first thing Ellie said was "Did Santa come????"  Ellie got a glitter purse and some princess stuff.
Bobo got lots of Paw Patrol stuff including a stuffed friend Ryder that he has slept with since.
These two constantly take my house slippers, so I bought them their own.
New suitcases for the twinkies for all the fun vacations we have planned in 2017!

After opening up gifts at home we headed to Mimi and Pops house to eat Pop's famous sausage and gravy and open up more presents!

Ryans parents did a scavenger hunt, which lead the twins to new walkie talkies.

Bobo's favorite gift was probably his leaf blower.
We got home and took long naps, then driving lessons for the twins!
A neighbor got a golf cart for Christmas so they raced up and down the street!

I see lots of fun adventures in the gator in our future!
And once again Ryan outdid himself on the grill.  He made a prime rib and horseradish dip that was phenomenal!!!  He also got an electric knife to help make perfect cuts!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.  Ryan said over and over that this one was definitely our best yet!!!!