Mar 31, 2015

Zoo times 2!

Ryan doesn't practice on Fridays anymore and occasionally he doesn't have any meetings or work to do and is free to hang out with us all day!  We try to take full advantage of these Fridays!  This past Friday we took the kids to the Columbia Zoo!  Right when we got there they found this Koala with her baby, how sweet it that?
These lions were almost posing for my camera!
We didn't take a stroller and instead held hands from one exhibit to the next.
Ellie just got a Flamingo Lilly dress and she got so excited to see one up close and in person.

We stayed and watched the Penguins jump and swim around the water for a long time.  The twins are still talking about these funny Penguins.
This bird made me laugh!  Not because he was funny, but because Ellie got so tongue tied trying to say "Big blue bird!"

Giraffee feeding was Bobo's favorite part!  Can't believe how fearless he was!

Ellie was not into feeding the giraffes herself but didn't mind me doing it.  She looks like she is scared in this picture, but I promise she wasn't!

I am not a huge animal lover.  I didn't grow up with pets- just a bunch of brothers haha!  But this little guy I loved!  Right before I snapped this picture he was almost snuggling with me for a selfie:)
Can't wait to see what our next Friday adventure brings!!!

Mar 23, 2015

Ellie's first hair cut

Ellie's hair was getting a little stringy and growing faster in the back than the sides so we decided it was time for her first hair cut!  I was not sure how she would act.  Graham just sits quietly- doesn't love it, but he also doesn't mind getting it don't.   Well we quickly found out Ellie loves the pampering!  Here is the back of her hair before.
She kept giving us the cutest little smile like she was so excited and felt so special.
When the sweet lady cutting her hair would ask her to sit still she FROZE!  It was so cute!
 Bobo also got a trim!
 Things got really fun when they started blow drying her hair!
She was laughing at this point.  Everyone thought it was so funny how much she loved getting pampered!  I see lots of mani/pedis and hair dates in our future!
 All done!  Look at her proud little smile!
 We didn't get a lot cut, but just mainly cleaned up the back.  So glad her curls stayed too!!!

Mar 8, 2015

Tutus and Choo Choos!

Pretty Pretty Tutu, Chugga Chugga Choo Choo.  Ellie and Graham are Two!  Coming up with a boy/girl party theme isn't easy!  Luckily Ellie loves dressing up in tutus and Graham is beyond obsessed with trains so this one was perfect!  Last year we had two big parties-one for all our friends and one for all our family.  This year we just did family and a few of the twinkies closest friends.  Although we were sad we couldn't invite everyone, the kids had fun with a small crowd and the party was perfect!  With everything going on lately the thought of having 30+ kids running around my house stressed me out a little, but 10 was fun and manageable!  We started the party planning off with these personalized canvas art projects!  We painted Ellie's hands to look like the tutu and Graham's foot for the base of the train.  Love how they turned out and we used them as the centerpiece for the table.
 Here is a Picture of their invite!
I got a few pictures of the food before guests started arriving.  Popcorn is a big hit in our house so we set up a popcorn barre!
 There were three varieties of popcorn including Pirouette Puffs (Pirates Booty).
 I made mini cupcakes and divided half for tutus and half for choo choos.  Love how the cake stand decor turned out!

 I tied a little tulle around the water bottles instead of doing labels.
 I didn't not make these adorable cookies, but worked with someone on Etsy who was into the details as much as me!!!  We had trains, ballet slippers and then green "2's" -half with train tracks and half with ballet laces.  So stinking cute!
 Wet your whistle!
 Each guest had a cup with their name on it!
The food spread!
 Ellie made sure each of the girls had their own tutu although most of them wore one to the party anyways!!!

 Here are the rest of the goodies to play with at the party!

 The minute she put the tutu on she started twirling....and refused to take the tutu until she went down for a nap!
 Me and my birthday twinkies!

 Graham with one of his besties Bo.
 Graham trying out his train whistle.

 Sweet Louise wanted to wear the train conductor hat over the tutus!
 These two are the best!

 I love this spunky little girl!

 This site makes my heart want to explode!  Graham and Ellie surrounded by such good friends.

 I said "Bobo are you having fun?" and he gave me this sweet smile.

 Our kids love the Happy Birthday song and when we started singing it to Graham he jumped out of his chair and came to hug my leg.  He is the sweetest little boy.
 Ellie did not want her cupcake(doesn't like them for some reason) so we gave her a rice krispie treat-her fav!

 Kate is one of Ellie's best friends and she is the sweetest little girl with the cutest voice you have ever heard.  I could listen to her talk all day long.
 Grey and Molly dressed up for the party!
 Uncle Jared, Aunt Catherine, Mimi and Pop.
 Me, Rachel and Kelly.
 Corey and Emily.
Pop with the twins!

 So glad I captured this moment of Molly and Grey picking out the perfect tutu.
 Uncle Jake helping Graham dunk.

 Graham and Ellie with their God Mothers.
 And laughter!

 At the end of the party we opened a few presents and had help from our older friends.

 Grayson loved all his goodies he got to take home from the party!  Conductor hat, necklace, wand, train whistle, wind up train and a personalized cup....he is just missing the tutu haha!
 Happiest Birthday to my sweet two year olds.  Love them more than anything and had the absolutely perfect day celebrating their two years of life.  Every moment is such a blessing, but to get two full years of healthy happy kids is the best blessing of all.