Mar 31, 2015

Zoo times 2!

Ryan doesn't practice on Fridays anymore and occasionally he doesn't have any meetings or work to do and is free to hang out with us all day!  We try to take full advantage of these Fridays!  This past Friday we took the kids to the Columbia Zoo!  Right when we got there they found this Koala with her baby, how sweet it that?
These lions were almost posing for my camera!
We didn't take a stroller and instead held hands from one exhibit to the next.
Ellie just got a Flamingo Lilly dress and she got so excited to see one up close and in person.

We stayed and watched the Penguins jump and swim around the water for a long time.  The twins are still talking about these funny Penguins.
This bird made me laugh!  Not because he was funny, but because Ellie got so tongue tied trying to say "Big blue bird!"

Giraffee feeding was Bobo's favorite part!  Can't believe how fearless he was!

Ellie was not into feeding the giraffes herself but didn't mind me doing it.  She looks like she is scared in this picture, but I promise she wasn't!

I am not a huge animal lover.  I didn't grow up with pets- just a bunch of brothers haha!  But this little guy I loved!  Right before I snapped this picture he was almost snuggling with me for a selfie:)
Can't wait to see what our next Friday adventure brings!!!

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