Dec 29, 2013

Christmas Part #3!

Graham and Ellie must have been extra good this year because Santa came and left lots of goodies!

Ellie even got a little Twine and Twig necklace!
This pictures looks like "We get stockings too?"
Personalized plates and bowls!

 Opening (eating) more presents!
 Their sweet hand print ornaments.

 After their morning nap we drove to Ryan's parents house to celebrate Christmas with them and open more gifts!

 The kids were so excited to try a bite of Pop's biscuits and gravy!

 After opening a few gifts and lunch Graham and Ellie took a nap while we continued opening gifts.  When they woke up we had an early dinner… excited for more food and funny hats!

 Last present…these babies are spoiled!
I have always loved this time of year, but having kids just makes it so much more special.  Although we exchanged a lot of gifts and ate a lot of good food we never lost sight of the true meaning of Christmas. 

Dec 26, 2013

Christmas Part 2!

Since this is our first year with kids and a family of 4, we decided to set aside some time just for us!  Ryan was able to take time off work so we spent most of the day Tuesday, Christmas Eve, in our pjs and together!  Ryan makes crepes for breakfast on Christmas Eve every year and the kids loved them as much as I always do!!

 We let them open one present before church.  And yes it is 3:30 and they were still in their pjs:)
 Look Minnie and Mickey bath mits!!!
 We attended the 4:30 kid friendly church service.  Graham and Ellie loved all the lights, music and people watching.  It was truly special to listen to the story of Jesus's birth while holding on to a little one of my own.  The meaning of Christmas is so important and having children makes you appreciate it even more.  Here is Ellie with Ms Holly…her favorite!

 The boys eating a snack!  You can see sweet Carter in this pic sharing his veggie straws with Graham!!
 Me and my pretty little girl.

 Graham loved his shoe laces haha.
After church we went to a friends house to play and have a quick cocktail before heading home and getting ready for bed and Santa!!
Ryan read the kids the Night before Christmas.
and it looks like Santa came……...

Dec 24, 2013

Christmas part 1!

We spent the weekend before Christmas traveling to visit my family for Christmas part 1!  The kids did amazing in the car ride down!!! (don't worry they made up for it on the ride home….)
The weather was unseasonably warm so we enjoyed lots of time outside playing!

 My parents have a great screened in porch with a large day bed and TV….Ryan and the kids enjoyed the outdoors at night too!
 For dinner my Bonus Mom bought a prime rib….it may have taken hours to cook, but it was divine!!!!
 I unfortunately got a 12 hour bug and spent most of the night like this….
 On Sunday morning we made a huge pancake and bacon breakfast(I was thankful that I felt better and could partake in this feast!) and then opened presents!!!  We have a very big family who loves to buy presents so the tree was full!!!

 The kids loved opening gifts and all the excitement and energy around it!  Seeing all of our traditions unfold with Graham and Ellie here is the best gift of all.  
 My bonus Mom found these adorable farm animal wheelys that the kids already are enjoying!!
 She also found a gag box to wrap one of my gifts in….it seriously looked like the containers you feed gerbils out of and the box said it was for kids and you were to put energy drinks in them!! hahah!!!
 Jake got an iPhone!!
 Thanks again to my family for a great Christmas Part 1!!!!!  I am so proud of these two and how well they did this trip.  They were just full of smiles the entire time (again except for the second half of the car ride home).