Feb 25, 2017

Valentines and Outdoor fun

Over the past two weeks we have celebrated Valentines Day and spent countless hours outside enjoy the spring-like weather!  For the kids Valentines I made Bobo's friends at school super suckers and Ellie's stickers that said "I'm stuck on you friend"  The kids loved scrolling through Pinterest with me choosing their own Valentines!

 Ryan spoiled us with sweet cards, fancy chocolates and beautiful flowers!  Since we arrived home after our ski trip the day before we just made dinner at home and spent time with the kiddos.
 Now for all our fun outdoors!  We have had the windows down around town and this one likes to air out his stinky feet haha!
 We have had lots of playdates and picnics.

 The fish are bitting more with this warmer weather too!

 Ryan tried out his salt block he got for Christmas...I am always up for being the ginny pig for his new food adventures!

 Ryan was in California all week and the kids didn't have school Monday so we played around the neighborhood and went on a picnic across the pond.
 Here they are singing the main song from the movie Trolls together.

 Picnics and fresh air make this little one tired.
 Luckily they were very good while Ryan was gone for me!
 Speaking of Trolls...this one wants to pretend to be Poppy and came up with this costume on her own to look like Poppy the troll.
 One night we met friends for kids pizza night at a local pizza place.  What a treat for them to be entertained with face painting and balloon clowns while we ate and had a glass of wine!

 I have been busy planning the twinkies 4th birthday party...can you guess the theme?
 When Ryan came home Thursday we went to a park uptown for a picnic dinner and sports!  I made these Italian pinwheels using whipped feta, cheese, ham and salami and they were a big hit!

 Graham is a lacrosse natural just like his Daddy!

 Here is our picnic spread with the Italian pinwheels and my yummy chocolate chip cookies that Ryan loves.
 With nice weather comes movies on the porch before bed!  It truly doesn't get much better than this.  The twins are wearing the shirts Ryan bought them while he was gone.
 And today Bobo had a playdate with a friend so we took this love bug shopping and out for a fancy lunch.
 She wanted a fancy water so our sweet waitress brought her water with fresh strawberries!
 She ordered a salad with blue cheese, champagne dressing and candied walnuts, a croque madame and pommes frites.
 After lunch she had a macaroon and soaked up all the individual attention she was getting!
 Graham got back from his playdate late and heavily resisted a nap.  Once he finally went down he slept really late so instead of going out we ordered pizza, fished and walked around the pond....not a bad plan B at all!
 Every time he catches a fish he kisses his finger and puts it on the fish. He has the sweetest heart.

 Friday night pizza on the porch is a great way to end a long week!

Feb 16, 2017

JH to SLC crazy vacay

Where do I even begin with this crazy adventure????  Last summer a group of friends decided to plan a fun trip to Jackson Hole....which we did....but never really made it to Jackson Hole.  Once we boarded our flight in Dallas to Jackson Hole the pilot informed us that the city didn't have power due to a massive storm the night before.  We all immediately started googling and checking our phones.  I will be honest I just assumed it was a ski town and surely they have generators and we would be fine....nope! After almost 2 hours sitting on the runway in Dallas we were finally cleared to take off.  Once we landed in Jackson Hole a nice young man from the Four Seasons, where we were planning on spending the next 5 days, told us the entire village was shut down and we could not stay there.  Hmmm....plan B....we rented a large SUV and started driving towards the closest ski town!  Salt Lake City!
 During the 5 hour car ride we planned an entirely new vacation!  The boys went all out and rented a penthouse at the Stein Erikson Residence.  We arrived very late at night after many, many, many hours of traveling.  I have never rented a place this swanky so our moods all turned around!

 The next morning we found out the hot water wasn't working...yep thats right we were in a ski town with no hot water!  But hot coffee and this view kept our spirits up!

 The breakfast each day was scrumptious!
 You could literally walk out of the hotel and put your gear on and start skiing!
 Ryan and I have never been out west to ski and completely agree with everyone that NC skiing does not even compare!
 Deer Valley was not over crowded and there were even times when it was just Ryan and I.  It was just so peaceful and quiet and romantic to ski with him all alone up on a mountain with the most beautiful views!  There was one point in our day when I accidentally took a wrong turn and we ended up at the top of a black diamond.  Ryan said "Well Seany you have two options.  You can attempt to slowly ski down this...or you can take off your skis and slide down on your butt."  I opted for sliding down.  It was fun and I couldn't believe how steep those blacks are!!!  Now for all you advanced skiers out there, don't worry I stayed all the way to the side of the slope and believe me you would much rather me sliding down than doing the pizza all the way down and probably taking out most of you along the way!
Lots of Go Pro videos were taken, but these were the best so far!

I am also a very big fan of apres ski!  The lifts stop around 3:30/4 and we all went to get drinks and dip in the hot tub!
The second night we had drinks at High West and dinner at Tupelo.  
 Me and my Valentine.  I am so blessed to call this man mine.  He is seriously the most amazing man!
Simpsons friend from growing up, another Emily, made a shot ski for for the trip.  She literally bought a ski and glued shot glasses to the top of it!  The top said gnar, gnar and when you tiled it up to take the shot the bottom said pow pow!

 Absolutely love me some coffee!  And needed it after a late night and attempting that shot ski!
 The next day it was very rainy so Ryan, Emily and I went shopping and had lunch by a ski lift.

 Oh and also we still didn't have hot water at our hotel.  Luckily they worked it out so that we could take a hotel shuttle to the next resort and use their spa to take a hot shower daily.  Can't complain too much I guess because we also got full access to a spa everyday to shower!  Some people did a spa day on Friday and spas are just not my thing (other than the hot shower part).  I joined the guys for drinks and apps at No Name Saloon.  This place was awesome!  Exactly what I picture a western bar to be.

 On Saturday morning we woke up to 13 inches of fresh "powder".  I got all geared up to ski with Ryan again.  I went down the first hill and realized how much harder it was.  I told him to go ahead and I joined up with Emily for a fun day not skiing!  We walked around and admired all the beautiful snow.
 We read books by the fire.
 And built the best snowman on our back porch!

 After lunch Ryan, Emily and I went snowmobiling!
 This afternoon was an absolute blast!

 Later that day we met up with the group for apres ski, spa hot showers and pre dinner drinks!
 Our traditional 100 goggle pic!

 Before we left for dinner the sky turned the most beautiful colors and I couldn't help but just admire the beauty of this.
 We ate at 350 on our last night and to top off the week I found out they had gluten free fried chicken.  I can't tell you the last time I had fried chicken!!!!
We changed our flights to leave out of Salt Lake city instead of driving all the way back to Jackson Hole and ended our trip with them losing our luggage.  Don't worry the delivered it in the middle of the night to our front door, but really how much bad travel luck can one group have???
Good news is due to no hot water in our hotel our entire stay they refunded some money and we are now saving up to actually go to Jackson Hole!  At the end of the year last year one of our main goals was to travel more.  I am so excited about the fun adventures we have coming up this year!  Cheers to trip #1 in the books!!!