Mar 27, 2016

Egg Hunt #2 and #3

Egg hunt number two was at our Club in Charlotte.  The kids sat still for a pic...small miracle!  There is something about Ellie sitting up tall and that head band that makes her look so grown up!
 And even bigger miracle, Ellie held an animal!  This sweet small bunny sat on her lap for an entire minute while she gently touched his soft fur!

 Kids had the hang of the whole hunting for eggs thing! Graham took off running when they announced the start of the hunt!  Ellie slowly gathered eggs, but luckily at the end Graham had several girl colored eggs and gave them to her.

 Both our kids have bad allergies and I have been trying to keep them indoors as much as possible lately, but they absolutely loved being outside hunting eggs this week!
Yesterday we went to the McArthurs annual hunt.  The hunt didn't actually start until the twins nap time so we stayed to play and eat lunch but snuck out before the hunt started.  I couldn't find Ellie at one point and realized she was in the car with sweet!
The twins school also had an egg hunt so before Easter Sunday the kids had participated in 4 Easter Egg Hunts!

Mar 22, 2016

Visiting Dr Daddy

Last week I took the kids to see Ryan at the dentist. They love going to visit daddy, but love the attention they get even more!
Both kids did great and no cavities!!!
Ellie got lots of compliments on her bow:)
Ryan Office manager Lisa, his right hand and hardest worker,  bought the kids some presents that they opened after their appointment.  They love Ms Lisa!  We got home and enjoyed the beautiful weather.
Ryan got home after work and took G on a boat ride (you can see them in the water in the pic below). Ellie didn't want to go because the life jacket would cover up her necklace....oh life with a three year old girl!!!!  So we stayed up on the porch and read magazines together.  Perfect ending to a great day!

Spring Fishing

Sunday was officially the first day of spring.  The ironic thing is it has been beautiful lately and of course on Sunday it was freezing! We still wanted to spend some time outside so we invited some friends over to fish and eat dinner.  
 Andresen girls ready to fish.
 Focus....haha their faces crack me up when they watch the bobber waiting for a fish to bite.

 Ryan caught the first fish of the day!
 These four are so sweet together!

 Molly was our fishing rock star! She caught 9 fish!!!!!  The kids all had a blast and didn't mind the cold weather at all.
For dinner Ryan smoked a pork shoulder, we made corn bread, slaw, fruit salad and a chocolate peanut butter ice cream pie!  Everyone left full and happy!  We will definitely be spending a lot of Sundays this spring and summer doing this again!

Mar 19, 2016

Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

Recently we went to our neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt and the kids had a blast!  This was kind of sentimental because this exact weekend last year we looked at a house on this street.   I vividly remember seeing all these kids walking down the street with their easter baskets, parents talking in the street and I remember thinking how magical it all was and how much I wanted my kids to grow up here!  Now here we are a year later walking our kids down the street to be a part of the festivities!

Here is our attempt at a group shot of all the kids on the street.

And they are off!!!
Every time Graham found a pink or purple egg he would give it to Ellie:)

The kids loved the hunt, but mostly loved it when they discovered the candy!!!

Mar 15, 2016

Birthday celebrations!

All the pictures from my computer recently got erased and after my melt down my sweet and (most of the time) patient husband restored my photo data base.  All my precious pictures are back on my computer, but I now have to completely reorganize, name and build my albums back!  I am not a fan of technology!  So back to a week ago and the twins 3rd birthday celebrations! We both got to go to their school celebration this year which they thought was the coolest thing ever!

 Saturday before dinner my family came in town and we opened a ton of gifts- from them and from all of their friends!
 I think this was one of Ellie's favorites!  Rachel and Andy got them a ton of stuff, but these ballet slippers won her over for sure!
 My family hasn't been to Charlotte since we moved so they loved seeing the new house, having a place for everyone to stay the night and spending time outdoors!
 On Sunday, the twins actual birthday, we woke them up with our traditional balloons in the bed!

Since we have moved both kids have been obsessed with bird houses!  They keep asking us to buy one so that was their main birthday gift!
 My dad and bonus mom got the twins these cute wooden houses that they love!  I am always hunting for good coordinating or matching gifts and I just thought these were so cute!
A few good friends have given us some items to use on the kids birthdays.  We now use them all every year and I love this tradition.  Rachel gave them birthday plates, Holly got them cups and our sweet friend Elizabeth gave them these felt crowns.  The kids thought they were so cool!  I made Holly's famous breakfast cake to celebrate!
 After naps we put up the birdie house!

 The twins had the best birthday weekend and we loved every minute of family and friends that helped us celebrate!