Mar 20, 2012

Officially Spring

We have loved spending time outside lately!  We could not ask for better weather!!!  Last weekend Ryan decided to take me on a picnic date at the airport to watch planes land and take off.  Very sweet and very relaxing!
Really neat to see how organized it is!  Here are all the planes waiting in line to take off...
Right over the Charlotte city skyline...
I highly recommend doing this if you live near a major airport!
We have also been grilling out a lot....chicken, pizzas, kebobs...
and enjoying my new favorite drink.....Grapefruit Margaritas!

We celebrated St. Patricks day with some friends, spent a lot of time in the yard, have been taking Riley on extra long walks at night... and of course glued to the TV watching March Madness...GO PACK!!

Mar 8, 2012

Visiting the Robersons

We went to Bethel, NC this past weekend to visit our best college friends!  We see them all the time during football season, but miss them terribly during the spring and summer:(  The Robersons live in a small....very small town.  We love getting away from the city and soaking up the small town charm!  It ended up raining ALL weekend, but we made the most of it!
Friday night John cooked for us...he is an amazing chef!  The boys played golf Saturday (in the rain) and us girls enjoyed a lazy rainy Saturday!  We did venture out for a little ride around town...
Saturday night we went out for oysters.....yummmmm!
Our server "Geezer" even talked (bullied) Ryan into trying a Red Rooster!
We had fun playing ring toss.....Caroline showed us all how it was done!
Sunday we went for a country drive.....
saw the family farm......
The tobacco is just starting to grow.......
W ate lunch at the family BBQ in Eastern NC!
Thanks again Robersons for a relaxing fun weekend!
On our way home we stopped by this little guys 4th Birthday party.
Ryan and I bought him Dr. Drill 'N Fill!  The boys filled a few cavities and gave him braces....then we headed to the Star Wars Birthday Bash!
I think Ryan and I had as much fun as the kids at this party!  Happy Birthday Zach and thanks for a great relaxing weekend Robersons!!!!  We miss you all and wish we didn't live so far away:(