Apr 17, 2017

Spring Break 2017

Spring break was just not long enough.  I was looking forward to this time away from our busy schedule.  No tv, no making lunches, no real responsibilities. We started with a boat ride after naps!

Ryan had to work the week of spring break still so I planned some fun play dates and activities during the days for the twins.  We headed to Columbia, SC one day to visit the zoo!

 We couldn't pass up an opportunity to visit Lillian's and eat their chicken salad!
 Love that my kids are better at napping in the car now!
 We got home right before Ryan did and spent the evening fishing and enjoying the outdoors!

 Since we were not watching tv this week, we enjoyed wine by the fire on the patio!
 The next day we went to the library to check out books, enjoy story time along with an Easter craft.  We grabbed lunch and headed to the park to play with friends and have a picnic!

 By Wednesday these two were already tired.  I woke them up from naps and they went to their golf lesson while I finished packing us up!
 I picked them up from golf and headed to the lake to meet Ryan after work!  His parents have a house there and this is the first time we went just the four of us!
 I could feel us all immediately relax!

 Ryan and I put the twins down and enjoyed some appetizers, wine, music and cards!
 Ryan worked at his lake office Thursday while we played and had an adventurous day!
 I was locking up the house when I saw this....they put all their "kids" on the stairs and were taking their pics!  Haha I have no clue where they get this!
 We spent the morning at Discovery Place Kids.

 I took them to The Pickled Peach for lunch.  I highly recommend this place if you are in the Davidson area!
 Bobo and Ellie love each other and are definitely besties, but they were so sweet and close this week.  I think we all needed some quality time away.  They kept asking me take their pic and then they would do some sweet pose like this.
 Ice Cream with the two crazies before heading back to the lake house for naps!
 I was determined to not even turn the tv on over spring break so after naps we did a fun art project and waited for Ryan to get home from work.
 Daddy got home and started fishing so we all made cocktails and played before a boat ride and dinner.
Ellie loves to be in the kitchen.  Ryans mom left them some juice in cute bottles and she helped me make adult beverages for the boat ride.

 The next morning we started our day with a kayak ride.

 More art projects and then lunch on the boat!

 No one make her laugh like her brother does.

 In the afternoon we headed to Ryan's business partners house.  He happens to live on the lake and it was just a few minute boat ride away.

 They have an amazing house that is full of fun stuff to do!

 To say these four had fun is an understatement.  We rarely see each other (with the exception of Ryan and Dr Mike of course) so it was fun to spend the day together and to see these four kiddos get along and play so well together.

 We woke up on Saturday morning and dyed Easter eggs and had an egg hunt with the kids.

 I entertained them while Ryan fished some more!

More boat ride meals!
 Gotta love nap time at the lake!
 One last boat ride with Pop Rocks!

We left late Saturday so we could be home for Easter Sunday.  We stopped on the way home for some dinner at Cabo Fish Taco and dessert at the popbar.

 What a great way to end our family time away!