Dec 27, 2012

Christmas 2012

This year it seems like we had a lot more quality time with family over the holidays.  I wish Christmas Eve and Day were always on a Monday and Tuesday!  We did a lot of eating this year!  We started our celebration off at my parents house and one of my favorite traditions is decorating cookies with my brother Jake.  This year Zach was old enough to help out too.
We had lots of other sweet treats.  These cupcakes were too cute not to share!
We had the best time unwrapping presents.  Lots of good reactions this year and lots of surprises!
Ryan and I got some great baby gifts!
 A wooden double swing!  Probably my favorite gift this year:)
 Hooded bath towels with the twins names on them.  It is really neat to start seeing their name on their things!!

We all had fun making cotton candy with the boys new cotton candy machine.

Ryan and I made crepes Christmas Eve morning and ate them in front of a real fire and stayed in our pjs  until 1 pm.  It truly doesn't get better than that.
We attended the Christmas Even service at our church and then went back to Ryan's parents house.  When we woke up on Christmas morning Santa had come!
Ryans dad always makes sausage and gravy for breakfast on Christmas Day....we all look forward to it!
After looking at all my pictures it seems we took more of the food than the people.  It might be because most of the time was spent in pjs.  Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Dec 6, 2012


A BOY and a GIRL!!!!!

We went to the doctor last Friday and had them write the genders in two separate envelopes.  Ryan and I went to a special dinner and both opened one at the same time.  He opened the one saying it was a girl and I had the boy:)  What a special moment we will never forget.
We still can not believe we are having two babies and now we get the joy of raising both a boy and girl!  We would have been happy either way, but feeling so blessed about the outcome:)  Our families are thrilled because there are lots and lots of boys, but us girls are very outnumbered.  This little girl will be spoiled and our little boy will have lots of hand-me-downs and role models!  

I am now just overwhelmed trying to figure out a nursery.  I had the perfect boy and the perfect girl nursery planned....and now I am having the hardest time with a joint room for a boy and girl.  It either seems too girly, too boring...I just can't decide.  We have loved shopping and registering over the past week and have even received some adorable gifts, flowers and ornaments for the twins!
Back to nursery decorating and Christmas shopping:)