May 29, 2018

Dancing Mary Poppins

 Once again Ellie was a little star on stage.  She is a natural born dancer!  This year she was able to do a big girl class, which suited her much better!  Ellie asks almost daily if it is Thursday (dance class day).  She has counted down the months, weeks and days until her big performance!  Their class danced to Jolly Holiday from the movie Mary Poppins. It was the cutest dance, music, costume and class!!! 

 I literally beam with pride when she is up on stage.  I also get so nervous right before she starts...I am such a stage mom already!
One thing I love is that the rehearsal is the day before and you can walk right up to the stage to watch, take pictures and film the dance.  One the actual recital day there are so many people it is impossible to get close and out of the question to get good videos.  The rehearsal is also a great time for people to come watch because it is 10 mins long compared to over an hour the next day.  Ellie's sweet preschool teacher and God Mother came to watch her rehearsal. 

 For her recital Ellie insisted we get dressed up and made me wear my "tutu". 
 Ellie has made so many good friends in her class, but was so excited to see our sweet neighbor before the show!
 Ellie had an instant friendship with Charlotte!  These two are so cute together and can't wait for them to be together at school next year!
Ellie was so happy and full of the joy throughout the entire year and I was just so proud of her up on stage doing her best and loving every minute.
Ryan was on a guys fishing trip, but made it back in time!  We knew he would, but Ellie wasn't sure until she saw him there!
 Mimi and Aunt Catherine came to watch too!
 So many of Ellie's sweet friends after the show looking adorable in their costumes.  She will actually be in class with these three next year!
 And Ellie's number one fan is still Bobo!  He could have gone up on stage and done the dance...or at least he could sing every word of the song!
We went home after her performance and got dressed up to go to Roosters (she loves their meat and cheese board and mussels).  
 As we were leaving the Ice Cream Truck came!
 I truly think that day was the best day of her life hah!
Now I need to sign her up for some dances classes or camps this summer because she will not stop twirling around the house!

May 24, 2018

Mothers Day

This Mother's Day was the best and I have figured out the secret to a good Mother's Day!  The secret is to plan a day based on your families favorite things...not yours!  Then everyone is having fun so that you can sit back and relax and enjoy the day!  To start the day the kids made me granola blueberry waffles and bacon with a fancy coffee!
 I got a new beach cruiser and we went to test it out!

 After a fun family bike ride we went and got some fun water toys!

 These two had a blast running around in our new sprinker.  Ryan fished while I read a magazine...everybody wins!!!

 After a full day outside we showered the kids in the basement bathroom (they thought this was so fun) and then made homemade pizzas for dinner.
 A friend gave the twins Star Wars rolling pins for their birthday and we have loved using them.

 After some yummy pizza we ate popsicles in the boat!  It was seriously the perfect day!  When we were putting the kids to bed Ellie said "Mommy I love Mother's Day!"
 I also got to celebrate being these two sweet kiddos mommy!  They had Muffins with Mom celebration at school!
I got all kinds of sweet notes, pictures, a cookbook, songs and lots of snuggles.   My favorite was the questions and answers about me!  Why are kids so darn funny???
Bobo took me on a date to the Mother Son dance at our country club.  He was so excited to get dressed up and have one on one time with me. 
We invited our sweet friends, The Newcombs, to join us!
 The dance had a pirate theme and these two loved it!!!

 I had the best time dancing and stuffing our face with sweets all night long!!  We stayed so late both boys fell asleep on the drive home!
 Meanwhile their sisters had a double date with the Daddy's!

 I am so thankful for sweet friends and week long celebrations for simple things and big things, like being the Mommy to the best kids in the world!